Sacramento Weddings

After a few years of dating, Lindsay and Lloyd traveled to San Diego to visit some friends. Lloyd convinced Lindsay to take a quick trip to the beach before making the long drive back to Sacramento. Once they arrived, he started acting strange and couldn’t settle on a spot to sit down. After finally finding the perfect place, he asked Lindsay to spread out the blanket he’d packed, and she soon discovered a sweater wrapped inside that read “Feyoncé.” She turned to look at Lloyd and discovered he was down on one knee. After the proposal, they looked out at the ocean and saw a gorgeous pod of dolphins playing near the shore. Lloyd jokingly claims he hired the dolphins to add impact to the proposal.

Their wedding date was set before they even got engaged. June 20 was a special day in Lindsay’s life: Her parents’ wedding anniversary and her brother’s birthday. Both Lindsay and Lloyd bartend weddings at Wilson Vineyards—whose owner, Sandy, is also Lindsay’s late mom’s best friend—so she had been saving the date for Lindsay, which was lucky for them, since it was just 10 months away.

Having worked in the wedding industry for some time, the couple already had a good idea which vendors they wanted to use, and though some were already booked, they were able to get great recommendations and ended up with pros who thrilled them. Despite being able to make some easy decisions, the entire process was emotional for Lindsay who lost her mom to cancer just two months before she met Lloyd.

Lindsay wanted to be sure to include her mom’s memory in as much of the wedding as possible. The first chair at the ceremony was reserved for her mom, and each bridesmaid placed a rose on her chair as they walked down the aisle. When Lindsay reached the chair, she tied the roses into a bouquet. She says she felt like she got to have her mom there in that special moment.

The bride had fallen in love with the work of Australian dress designer, Anna Campbell, and always dreamed about flying to Australia to have her dress designed by Anna herself. Sure enough, that dream came true. Lindsay and her dad flew to the land down under and went through the process of designing her dream wedding dress with Anna and her team. Don’t worry—Lloyd received his own couture treatment with a custom suit by R. Douglas Custom Clothier and got to select each and every detail, right down to the threading; the suit even has their wedding date embroidered under the collar.

The perfect date, the perfect dress, the perfect suit and the perfect vendors were all set for—you guessed it—the perfect couple.

The morning of the wedding, while Lindsay was getting ready with her bridal party, she received a surprise delivery of a beautiful bouquet of roses, a personalized design label on a very nice bottle of Champagne, and a pearl bracelet. Lloyd was also surprised with gifts from Lindsay: groom socks that read, “In case you get cold feet,” and a photo book with photos of Lindsay that were for his eyes only.

The entire day was filled with tons of food, drinks, dancing and surprises, including a special choreographed dance the couple had practiced for five months. Lindsay also surprised her dad with a sweet voiceover message during their first dance. It was a perfect day.

—Kelley Saia