Memorable Moment

My love for Tina Turner runs deep! I have a Proud Mary dance that comes out after a couple cocktails and Tina definitely made an appearance later in the evening!

How was your ceremony?

Short, sweet, and personable. We had our good friend, Marc “Mo” Van De Wall, as our officiant and he really personalized it all so well. We aren’t a super religious couple, and we wanted to encompass more of a nature-inspired ceremony. Mo did such a fantastic job doing that. It’s something we will never forget!

What was the best part of your day?

Maddie: For me it was after Mo (our officiant) introduced us as Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan. It was like a moment of relief and excitement all at once! It had been such a long planning process that after the ceremony, it was a relief that we had finally done it, and so exciting to just go visit with everyone and have a fun time on the dance floor!

Adam: All of it, it was such a cool day!


Christine Caterer at Barefoot Floral and Annie’s whole team with A Taste of Elegance Catering are both insanely talented, personable and such a pleasure to work with! Annie’s food and Christine’s floral arrangements are still all people talk about!

Biggest Challenge

Besides COVID, getting married in Big Sur is not for the faint of heart. There are mudslides, fires, road closures, etc… on any given day! I started calling Diane, our wedding planner, the Mayor of Big Sur because she would be like, “Oh there’s a road closure but don’t worry I told them they had to be done by Saturday!” And they listened! She’s a must if doing an event in the area: a true local!

Looking back, what do you think your guests will remember most about your wedding?

Hopefully, how much fun they had!

Advice from the couple:

Roll with the punches, and be nice to your vendors! It’s your wedding so try to enjoy the process. Nobody really cares what color your napkins are or if you have expensive favors; they will remember if they had fun though!