How did you meet?

We met through an online dating app.


Our goal was for everyone including, our guests and ourselves, to have a good time.

How would you describe the ceremony?

The ceremony was the perfect combination of exciting and romantic. From the groomsmen’s entrance, dancing down the aisle to “Fantastic Voyage” by Lakeside, to our personal vows. In addition, the entrance of the wedding party to the reception was a highlight. The wedding party was announced like the 2004 Detroit Pistons — reflecting the impact that basketball and sports in general has made in our lives.

Special Moments

We opened our ceremony with the pouring of libations—it is a way of honoring all those who have come before us. During this ritual, we think of our ancestors who fought, died, survived, built, served, led, and paved the way for us to be here today. We called out to those ancestors—known and unknown—thanking them for their efforts and seeking permission to cross the threshold of marriage. For every name that was called out, water was poured into a plant, symbolizing continued growth.

Favorite Detail

Aaron: The team from The Citizen Hotel was amazing. From personalizing our wedding suite to making adjustments for our entrances into the ceremony and reception.

Maya: My mother did an amazing job on the decor of the wedding. I was blown away how beautiful everything was. I told her my vision and she exceeded all expectations.

Biggest Challenge

Securing a venue and navigating a quick turn around from the engagement to the wedding.

What was the best part of your day?

Aaron: Immediately following the ceremony, we were able to spend some time away from everyone and reflect on our vows and take photos.

Maya: The ceremony and our vows were definitely the highlight for me. We had so many family members participating. We were surrounded by love.

What do you think your guests will remember most about your wedding?

Our guests will remember the personalization of our our ceremony. We wanted our love for each other and the excitement for our future to be evident throughout each activity.

Advice from the couple:

Make it your own. Don’t plan your wedding for other people. Make sure the venue is flexible and able to accommodate changes (planned and unplanned).