How did you both meet?

We were introduced through a mutual friend while we were both attending college at Chico State University.

When did you become engaged and how?

We planned a last minute trip to New York over Christmas and he proposed in Central Park the day after Christmas. Complete surprise.

How was your ceremony?

Simple and sweet. We were surrounded by all of our closest friends and family and having Blake’s grandpa officiate made it even more special.

Biggest Challenge

Planning it all within an eight-month time frame. We had to move quickly and secure vendors before they were already booked.

Any funny or unexpected wedding moments that happened throughout the day?

The ballroom fire alarm went off near the end of our reception. Everyone was on the dance floor, music was loud and we had fun strobe lights going on. When the alarm first went off, it seemed like it was apart of the music or lighting but we all quickly realized that it was the fire alarm. Everyone started exiting the building but thankfully there was no actual fire and no one was in any danger. It was such a funny moment that everyone was able to laugh at. Most importantly, it didn’t take away from the day at all! We even snapped a fun selfie with all of the firefighters!

What was the best part of your day?

McKenna: My favorite moment was our last dance. I was already so happy from just having the most perfect day and it was so memorable to be able to dance with my husband in the middle of our friends and family while everyone was singing along to the song around us. A perfect way to end the best day.

Blake: The last dance was one of the best parts of the day for me. Another was when we were announced as husband and wife for the first time after the ceremony, and then coming through the barn doors to be greeted by all of our friends and family members.

Advice from the couple:

Keep in mind the things that are really important to have apart of your wedding day, but try to stay flexible and open because it will make the planning process more enjoyable if not everything goes perfectly the whole time.