Favorite Detail

We wanted to give our guest favors that they would be able to use after the wedding was over. It was a group effort to put together 100 boxes let me tell you. We got wooden boxes from Michaels that we then stained. Through Amazon and mostly Etsy, we bought hand fans [for the boxes] with our names and wedding date etched on the side (these definitely came in handy during the hotter part of the afternoon) and assorted tea jars with a small bottle of honey. We also included bride and groom favorite candies, and a D20 Dice since we are big Dungeon and Dragon players. Each box also received a note with a quote, 10 different versions from across some of our favorite movies, [and] quotes that had to do with tea and thanking them for joining us in our celebration.



We wanted our wedding to be a true representation of us and find a way to elegantly showcase that. Everything, from the décor to the music to the ceremony itself, was a subtle nod to the things we love. I wanted to have a hand-fasting ritual as part of the ceremony, as well as having a sword to cut the cake. Randall wanted to smoke cigars with his best man during the reception.
We accomplished it all!

Memorable Moments

The best man made a toast that included a story of how he met the groom when they were two years old and how they became friends after the best man bit him. The sister of the groom made a Friends reference during her toast, and a friend of the bride mentioned that the bride and groom were statistically the most likely to murder each other at the end of her speech. There was a lot of vigorous dancing, as well as funny pictures from the photo booth.

What was the best part of your day?

Randall: The best part of the day was seeing my soon-to-be Bride walk down the aisle towards me during our ceremony. She was absolutely gorgeous in her white dress, and seeing her at that moment took my breath away.

Meaghan: There are so many wonderful moments from our wedding day, so much happened but I can remember each with clarity. The highlight for me was the moment I started to walk down the aisle. I had been waiting at the ready in a different room for about an hour beforehand so that my groom wouldn’t see me. And as I walked down the aisle with my dad and the full weight of everything hit me, I was filled with such joy as I saw my soon-to-be husband smiling at me. I was trying so hard to not cry.

Any vendor(s) you’d like to rave about?

Honestly everyone we worked with was amazing and accommodating. Our wedding had a lot of personal touches that everyone helped make a reality. The team at Jefferson Street were so helpful every step of the way and their packages included a lot of major components which helped make the process smoother. They included our DJ, photobooth, florist, officiant, cake and all the other food, bar, tables, linen and basic accessories. Our photographer, Justin Buettner with JB Wedding Photography and his assistant did an amazing job. They are just as big of nerds as we are and truly appreciated a lot of the different themes we put into our wedding. Their great attitudes and eye for detail made for some amazing pictures, and there were so many pictures. I can go on but everyone was so great, truly.

Advice from the couple:

Start planning early. The earlier you start making arrangements, the more flexibility you have if something falls through. You can also spread things out, so that you have more time to focus on each individual detail, instead of feeling like you have to take care of everything all at once.

Anything you would have done differently?

Our big day was just about perfect. The only thing we would change would be to make sure that the wedding veil was more firmly attached to the bride’s head before the procession started.