Sacramento Weddings

Despite going to the same high school, Megan and Jordan didn’t meet until long after college. “I was working in the Middle East for a few years, and Megan was actually my mom and sister’s dental hygienist, ironically,” says Jordan. They finally got in touch through mutual friends and emailed each other for about six months, catching up on the past seven years and sharing funny stories. “Even before we officially ‘met,’ I could tell he was someone special, just from his emails,” Megan says. Adds Jordan: “I ended up coming back home for a summer and we decided to meet up in person, and the rest was history.”

In 2013, the couple converged in London for a Steelers and Vikings football game held at Wembley Stadium. They went on to Paris and Amsterdam with Jordan secretly toting around a ring the entire time. Finally, back in London—at Hyde Park under a beautiful garden trellis—he got down on one knee and popped the question. “I brought a jacket with me for the day of touring where I stashed the ring box,” says Jordan. “I was praying all day that the weather would be nice so I wouldn’t have to tell Megan she couldn’t have my jacket!”

Though not the initial plan, the couple decided on a destination wedding for their big day. “Nothing struck a chord until Jordan mentioned Napa, and after that we couldn’t get the idea out of our heads,” says Megan. Viansa Winery in Sonoma allowed their guests to experience the tastes, sounds and views of one of their favorite vacation destinations. “The venue we chose provided a gorgeous backdrop for the ceremony and a fantastic selection of food, wine and aperitifs, while the onsite open-air tent allowed for a quick and seamless transition between the ceremony and reception,” notes Jordan.

The couple spent a lot of time and effort writing their own vows and was fortunate enough to have a close friend officiate the ceremony, which “was picture perfect,” says Megan. “It was the most beautiful day outside, and the backdrop was simply stunning. Jordan and I are such winos and the Napa/Sonoma area held a special place in our hearts—we were so blessed to be able to share that special place with the people we love the most.”

Both Megan and Jordan enjoyed spending the entire weekend with all of their guests, rather than just the four or five hours most couples get with a wedding. “It gave us time to go on winery tours, catch up, wine, dine, and spend quality time and make wonderful memories with all of our guests—some of whom we hadn’t seen in a long time!” Megan says.

—Darren Elms