How did you meet?

We met online.

When did you get engaged, and how?

We went away for the weekend and brought a personalized puzzle that Kameran made me with our favorite memories from the year before; and when we finished the puzzle he asked me to marry him.

How did the planning go?

Pie tasting was our favorite.

How did COVID-19 affect your wedding?

We asked our family and friends to be very cautious about attending our wedding in order to keep everyone healthy, and unfortunately several guests had to cancel last minute due to illness but we appreciate them taking necessary precautions.

Favorite Detail

We included aroma diffusers at the venue to add to the ambience, and now we have our personal wedding scent mixture of essential oils that will always bring back wedding day memories.


Latte Love Coffee Bar and I Love Pie Bakeshop.

Kameran’s Best Part

 Finally getting to see Molly during our first look, and then seeing all of her hard work come together for an amazing ceremony and reception.

Molly’s Best Part

Walking down the aisle and seeing Kameran waiting for me at the other end.