Memorable Moment

Growing up line dancing and swing dancing, it was so fun being able to bring that to the dance floor at our wedding and to have all of our guests jump in and try to learn and teach one another. We spent the whole reception out on the dance floor until almost midnight—it was a blast. We spent months practicing our first dance in our kitchen, so it was really fun finally being able to show everyone our dance moves to one of our favorite songs!

Funny Moments

Our dogs, Cash and Lucy, were in our wedding party and the ceremony. We had assumed that Cash, our black lab, would be energetic and whining during the ceremony with all of the guests around, but he ended up lying down and sleeping the whole time; while our cattle dog, Lucy, let out a whine while we were exchanging our rings, which made everyone giggle. We also had our wedding party play “flip cup” as a part of our entrance into the reception, which was a funny spectacle to watch— for us and the guests. Another great memory was doing a “fake” first look, where the best man surprised Galen in my mom’s old wedding dress from the ‘80s—everyone had a great laugh.


Literally every vendor that we worked with was absolutely wonderful; our florist, our wonderful photographer, our DJ, the caterer. Literally everyone made our day exactly what we had imagined. The venue was gorgeous and I can’t thank Red Barn Ranch enough for lending us their space for the weekend to celebrate.

What was the best part of your day?

Galen: Best part of the day was getting to marry Morgan. I also enjoyed getting to go up during the reception and take the photos with just the two of us, it gave us a chance to get away for a second and just enjoy each other after all of the excitement during the ceremony.

Morgan: My favorite part of the day (and least favorite part at the same time) was the anticipation of walking down the aisle and getting to see my best friend at the end of it. Coming around that corner of the aisle and seeing his smile made all of the nerves disappear, and finally kissing my “husband” at the end was just too amazing to ever forget.

Advice from the couple:

When planning your wedding, we recommend really making the day be about each other and focus on having fun and celebrating the love you two have. And on the big day, make sure to eat your food and take time to be just the two of you. The whole day can be a whirlwind and before you know it, you blink and it’s over. It was one of the best weekends of our lives, and something we really wish we could relive and enjoy again.

Anything you would have done different?

If we could do anything differently, we both agree we really wish we could have eaten one more taco and tried the cupcakes the day of the wedding. We wish we could have had more time to really just be at the reception with all of our friends and family and take it all in. It’s so much planning for almost 2.5 years and it’s over so quickly. We had so much fun, but the post wedding blues are definitely a thing. Being able to relive that day would be absolutely amazing.