Apparently the “cootie shot” Natalia got when she was in elementary school worked, because instead of catching “cooties” from Zach, she caught the love bug. The friendship that sparked in second grade is one that has proven to stand the test of time. Five years after Natalia and Zach decided to turn their friendship into a relationship, Zach popped the question on a special date. Though the proposal was not flashy, Natalia describes it as “perfect” since it meant that they were finally getting married.

Like many girls, Natalia had been thinking about her wedding long before the engagement. Since the couple decided on a short, three-month engagement, the bride-to-be was glad that her planning was well underway. While all of the details and decisions became overwhelming at times, it was finalizing the guest list that proved to be the most stressful. The couple had agreed on an intimate wedding of 50 guests, which meant that they couldn’t have everyone they know and love present.

Aside from small and intimate, Natalia and Zach wanted a celebratory time; they wanted their guests to enjoy a romantic atmosphere without anything feeling too uptight. Natalia thought that a balance of romance and rustic would accomplish this goal. She was right. The handmade touches—including the necklace and bracelet that she donned (made personally for her by her maid of honor)—also helped her dreams come true. We especially loved the favors, which were Mexican wedding cakes made by Natalia’s mother, paired with coffee beans, and sealed with adorable stickers designed by another one of the bride’s friends.

The day itself was exactly what the couple had hoped for: “A day filled with hugs, love, laughter and happy tears.” A few hiccups along the way turned into great memories. Natalia lost her veil two days prior to the wedding, which proved to be a blessing in disguise since it was an incredibly windy day—the bride was grateful that she didn’t have a long veil to contend with while taking pictures. And the pastor just happened to call Zach by the wrong name during the ceremony, but it gave everyone a good laugh.

The couple’s first dance was the highlight of the day. It felt like the first few moments of calm that they had together as husband and wife, and they will never forget it. The bride says, “It was wonderful just taking a moment to just dance with my husband in the middle of the madness.”

At one point during the reception, the bridal party headed outside to get some fresh air. We just huddled all together, laughing and joking. I remember looking around and just feeling so blessed that these were the people we had to support and love us. All in all, a perfect day.

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