Nikki and Kyle are self-described nerds. They’ve known each other since they were kids and dated for five years before getting engaged. When they started wedding planning, one theme emerged: Game of Thrones.

Both the bride and groom have read all the GoT books and love the TV show, so it was a logical choice for their wedding. “Not only did we both love it, but also there was just so much to draw from, it seemed like it would be really doable,” says Nikki.

“The wedding practically planned itself, and we somehow managed to find the perfect folks to work with on pretty much all the various aspects of the wedding,” says Kyle.

Costuming the 12-person wedding party could have been a challenge but it wasn’t. Nemmy Caceres hand-crafted the cloaks and Roxanne Femling from the UC Davis theatre department hand-crafted the outfits.

Nikki’s dress was a replica of a Daenerys’ dress from GoT. Kyle wore a custom-made wool cloak with the colors and sigil of House Stark, white with grey on the edges.

Members of the wedding party had fittings at UC Davis’s theatre department. “We had the option of buying our outfits entirely or simply letting the theater department have the costumes back after the wedding was over,” says Kyle. “I bought mine, of course.”

Most of the 75 guests loved the theme, even ones who didn’t quite understand GoT. About half the attendees dressed up in costume too.

“We took most aspects of the ceremony from straight out of Game of Thrones,” says Kyle, explaining the groomsmen came out first  and stood on both sides of the path with swords drawn.

Next the bridesmaids lined up, followed by the mother of the bride and the groom with his parents. They all walked in to “Storybook Love.”

Then Nikki and her father entered while the groomsmen saluted with swords held high. Kyle was wowed by Nikki. “She looked so beautiful, so wispy and elegant, and happy and smiling,” he says.

Nikki says it was, “magical standing there and seeing him and knowing that we would get to be together for the rest of our lives. Nothing can beat that feeling.”

Nikki’s brother Matthew officiated the ceremony. During the ceremony, the couple had a bride cloak exchange. Nikki’s handmade cloak was two-sided: she entered with one side Targaryen. Then Kyle turned her cloak to the Stark side, matching his cloak, “symbolizing that we were now of one house,” says Nikki.

Then they had a hand-fasting where the officiant tied the couple’s hands together and told guests the couple, “are one heart, one flesh, one soul.”

Next, Nikki and Kyle exchanged vows straight from GoT: “Father, Smith, Warrior, Mother, Maiden, Crone, Stranger. I am his/hers, s/he is mine. From this day, until the end of my days.”

“I was super happy how well people responded to our theme and our ceremony, which was definitely out of the ordinary,” says Nikki.

— Kristen Castillo