While planning the wedding, was there anything in particular you knew you wanted for the day?

Olivia wanted to dance the night away and Dan wanted a rockin’ live band. The Ben Mallare Band delivered on both.

Memorable Moments

The toasts from our siblings and parents were both hilarious and thoughtful. There was not a dry eye in the room—whether it was from laughter or the heartfelt words from our loved ones. Naturally, we were on the dance floor all night, but when the band started playing “Dancing Queen” by ABBA we had a moment in the middle of the dance floor that felt like it was from a movie.

Favorite Detail

The morning of our wedding day we each had gifts and letters that we wrote to each other that meant a lot. This was a great kick off to an eventful day. Our tux and gown were pretty special to us, naturally, and we really did feel like a million bucks this day. The music was also extremely important to us both at the ceremony and the reception. For the dancing, we specially requested soul, funk, 70’s, etc., which meant the genre was fun for all and everyone wanted to be on the dance floor.

What was the best part of your day?

Olivia: It is truly so hard to pick just one thing because there were so many amazing different moments throughout the day. While it might seem obvious, getting married to my best friend and knowing this was the start of a very long future together was the best part of the day. Aside from this, I really enjoyed breaking it down on the dance floor and spending time with loved ones who I hadn’t seen in way too long.

Dan: The amazingly thoughtful wedding gift I woke up to from my wife; our first look; the moment I kissed my wife on the altar; and, of course, dancing so hard that I was sore the next day all stand out to me.

Advice from the couple:

Make sure the day is about you two. It feels like this can sometimes get lost in the chaos of wedding planning and it is so important that it doesn’t. There will be a lot of opinions and advice from others which can be overwhelming, but your wedding is for you so always keep that at the forefront. It is also so easy to want to compare yourself and your wedding day to others whether that be friends, what you see on social media, etc., but don’t. Making your wedding uniquely and totally yours — it’s what everyone ultimately wants for you.

Anything you would have done differently?

The only thing we wish we could change about this day is that we’d love to make it a yearly event so we could re-live it over and over again.