Theo first saw Paige during a Halloween outing but missed his chance to talk to her. Just a couple months later, he saw her again at a New Year’s Eve Ball where he immediately asked a mutual friend introduce them. “One of Paige’s girlfriends put in a good word for me and became our Cupid,” he says. A few weeks later, they had their first date at the movies. “Theo brought me flowers,” she says. “We ended up missing the first half of the movie because of a blizzard sweeping through town. That didn’t stop us from picking a different movie and having the best time.”

After a year of dating, Theo finished his medical training and contemplated moving back to California or staying in Michigan.

“Paige always told me to take the best opportunities within my reach,” he says. “She never wanted to hold me back at anything. Though I was offered jobs closer to Paige, the best opportunity for me was going back to California.” It was a hard decision for Paige, as she was born and raised in Michigan. She was also in the middle of graduate school. “The move meant I would drop out of the MBA portion of my combined graduate degree, finish the Masters, fly back and forth every week, two planes one way, while working,” she says. “Love is blind!”

With that positive, hard-working attitude on display, it’s no surprise Theo knew almost immediately that he’d marry Paige. “She treated everyone so kindly and radiated kindness,” he says. “I told one of my good friends we would be married, and he didn’t believe me. When it’s the right person, you just know. Chemistry is a real thing, and I didn’t believe it until I met Paige.”

Theo proposed during a trip to Kythira, Greece, the Greek Island where Theo’s father’s side of the family is from.  “He took me to the Venetian Castle of Chora overlooking three seas: Ionian, Aegean and Cretan,” she says. “After we got to the top of the castle, he dropped down on one [knee] and asked me to marry him in front of the church at the top of the castle. His parents were there to capture the moment!”

Paige started planning the next day, even before they returned to the states. And Theo knew to let his bride take the lead. “Paige is a phenomenal planner and organizer,” he says. “The broad strokes were in place six months before the wedding. We kept improving with fine details to about a week prior. Paige wanted to make sure we could enjoy the final days leading to the wedding and that we did!” Paige perfectly blended Theo’s vision of classic meets modern with her own elegant touch. “It all came out just right,” she says.

— Kourtney Jason