These two fun-loving sweethearts may have had their first date on April Fool’s Day, but their relationship turned out to be anything but a joke. While meeting Layne for coffee, Patrice was super nervous and shy, until Layne took her to meet his dog, Lakota. Patrice says that it was love at first sight-—between her and Lakota, that is! Fortunately, Layne and Patrice’s relationship also ended up being true love, and these two tied the knot in St. Helena  after nearly six years together.

Layne and Patrice both love the outdoors—in fact, they got engaged on a camping and hiking trip in Sequoia National Park—so it was only natural that their venue also had to have an outdoorsy vibe. Though they booked a different venue far in advance, due to circumstances outside of their control, they had to make a last-minute switch to the fields of a private vineyard. Unfortunately, the couple was out of the country when they heard the news that their original venue was no longer available, so they didn’t even see their new venue until the wedding weekend. Layne says he was blown away by how beautiful the private venue was.

When it came to the wedding theme, says Patrice, “we wanted a casual yet elegant feel—something that took advantage of the beautiful outdoors and elements of our love of travel.” So, in addition to having the save-the-date cards made from branches, and featuring cornhole games on the lawn at the reception, these two chose a simple, rustic spot to exchange their vows—under a blue oak tree on the private vineyard’s grounds. Of the ceremony, Layne says “my favorite part was that it was short and sweet!”

One of Patrice’s favorite moments of the reception was toward the end of the evening, after everyone had been dancing for hours, one of their three-year-old guests simply conked out—he became so tired from dancing the night away that he grabbed his blanket and laid down right in the middle of the dance floor to take a nap. The adorable moment really stuck with Patrice as a reflection of how wonderful their wedding was. “I feel like that was a telling sign of how much fun we were all having!” says Patrice.

On their wedding day, Patrice was surprised by how smoothly everything went, especially considering the stresses of decision making and making a last-minute venue change. “I was surprised that it didn’t have to be this big chaotic thing,” says Patrice, “but it could feel like just a big, fun family gathering.”  Layne, however, was surprised by something else: how nervous he was! He says he was “surprisingly nervous,  especially considering we had been together for so long.”

Despite all the rustic, elegant and handmade details at their celebration, Patrice’s favorite memory can’t be replicated. “Looking out at our families and seeing how happy they were for us—that was my favorite part.” 

—Suzie Dundas