Sacramento Weddings


While at an event, Travis could not take his eyes off the girl with long curly hair. To his delight, she was there with someone he knew, so approaching them was easy. Pia claims she was only interested in Travis because he had drinks with him, but it turns out there was more to him than a tasty beverage.

When Travis made the decision to propose, he knew he wanted it to be near a beach since the Pacific Ocean held many of their favorite memories as a couple. Despite his efforts for a beach proposal while on a weekend getaway, he ended up proposing in their hotel room. Though it was not exactly what he had in mind, the ocean breeze was blowing, the sun was setting, and she said “yes,” so it was exactly the way it should be.

Pia and Travis started planning right away, because they knew they wanted a Tahoe wedding and needed to secure a venue as soon as possible. They chose The HideOut, a gorgeous estate that offered exactly what the couple was looking for: a place where friends and family could relax and enjoy the day with a breathtaking backdrop. Pia added a special touch by lining the walkway from the parking lot to the ceremony sight with photos of the couple’s childhood and relationship together. A special moment for both of them was walking their daughter Aria down the aisle in an old buggy cart after the ceremony.

As the couple reflects back on their special day, they describe it as simply, “perfect—from the weather to the guests and the party.” For Travis, though, the best moment was, “watching Pia walk down the aisle, for sure.”

The duo enjoyed a relaxing honeymoon in Maui after the wedding and is pleased to be bringing home a baby brother for Aria sometime in August.

—Kelley Saia