From switching seats in class to supporting each other during emergency surgeries, Shannan and Curtis have always done what it takes to make each other happy. And that extra effort has shown itself in many different ways for the Sacramento-based couple.

When the two first started dating, Curtis’s friend told Shannan that Curtis only liked the purple Skittles candies. So for Christmas, Shannan filled a bowl entirely with only the purple-colored pieces—only to learn afterwards that Curtis liked the purple Skittles packages, not just the purple candies. “When I realized she had picked out all of the purple Skittles from each bag, I knew she was the one,” says Curtis.  “She was so embarrassed!”

For Curtis, his support and love has been evident from how often he’s been there for Shannan during ongoing health issues, including several surgeries. “I knew after my third surgery within six months that there was nothing he couldn’t handle,” Shannan says. “I knew then that there was no one else I could imagine my life with.”

The two have moved quickly on their relationship, getting engaged after 14 months and married only eight months after that. But they’d actually known each other for years before beginning to date, after sharing classes in college. When Curtis noticed via social media that Shannan was single years after they first met, he sent her what he describes as a “Hail Mary Snapchat,” to which Shannan (happily) responded.

Shannan and Curtis opted for classic and elegant details and décor for their wedding, like sun umbrellas for guests, simple gold place settings, and natural greenery rather than expensive flowers. And though their celebration may have started with personalized vows and meaningful first dances, it ended with a high-energy dance party that even included a personalized “sexy dance” from Curtis, along with a garter toss. “I was surprised my groomsmen behaved themselves!” says Curtis.

Though the couple loved every detail of their wedding day, Curtis has a particular memory he’ll always remember: “when she pinched my butt during our first reveal!” They had such a perfect day that they both agree the ceremony and reception went by quickly—so quickly, in fact, that they didn’t even have time to sample any of the house-made items on their dessert bar, which they offered in lieu of cake.  “After months of planning and going over details,” says Shannan, “it felt like the wedding should have been a weeklong celebration!” 

— Suzie Dundas

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