Marriage is all about compromise. Sharlyn and Ian started early when they compromised on their wedding expectations. “I wanted a bigger wedding,” he says. “Sharlyn wanted a really small wedding or elopement.” They decided to marry in a fall wedding in front of 64 guests at Schrammsberg Estate. They chose the ceremony and reception venue for its beauty and proximity to the groom’s hometown, as well as their budget needs.

The couple, who met at work—she’s a winemaker and he’s a wine cellar supervisor—dated for a year and a half, before getting engaged at the beach. Their wedding nearly a year later was officiated by the groom’s best friend. Sharlyn and Ian wrote their own vows and designed the 20-minute ceremony. The couple didn’t have a wedding party but their respective sisters were witnesses.

During their first look, the groom got a nose bleed due to the elevation and weather. Still, he didn’t let it spoil the moment. “Seeing her and knowing what was about to happen was a very wonderful feeling,” he says, calling his bride “stunning.” Sharlyn was eager to say their “I do’s.” “I was really anxious and excited because all I wanted the entire day was to see him,” she says.  The ceremony was the bride’s favorite part of the day. “Getting to make that commitment to each other was the best part,” she says, noting she cried the entire time.

They wanted a simple gathering with outdoorsy and slightly rustic vibes. Their burgundy and peach color scheme was perfect for fall.  The couple and their guests enjoyed dinner, cake and dancing. “During our first dance, which we had taken lessons for, Ian almost dropped me during our big finale dip,” says Sharlyn. “Thankfully he didn’t!”

The day went fast but the couple made sure to savor some alone time. “We shared some appetizers and a glass of wine in the office of the house on site,” he says. Ian’s favorite detail was a gift from his new wife: cuff links that have the internal components of watches. He’s also a fan of the head piece Sharlyn made for herself. The bride appreciates the guestbook photo album, explaining, “I loved getting to see pictures of everyone from the wedding next to the note they left for us.” 

—Kristen Castillo