How did you both meet?

We met at an LGBTQ+ club in Downtown Sacramento. We danced and talked for hours. We saw each other every day after that!


Our ceremony was romantic and sentimental. It was the first time we had ever professed our love to each other in front of 200 people. It was so nerve-wracking to think that our most inner thoughts and feelings about one another would be put on blast in front of our family and friends. But once we were in the moment, holding hands, looking at each other, everything around us faded away, and it became such a personal moment. Sharing vows is an unforgettable memory, so make it
everything you want it to be and don’t hold back!

Memorable Moments

We are two brides that wanted an un-traditional reception that really mirrored our personalities. Having an LGBTQIA+ wedding, we knew this wouldn’t be the average or normal event for our guests. So we decided to really lean into that and just have fun expressing ourselves with our besties. So at our joint bachelorette party we all came up with a plan to have a competition during the reception bridal party introduction. Our Bride Babes (Shelby’s bridesmaids) and Brides Bros (Paige’s bridesmaids) each paired up and came up with a fun dance introduction. The couple with the best intro would win a cash prize and all of our reception guests would rate and pick the winner. A lot of our wedding party couples dressed up in fun costumes and came up with cute dances. We had everything from shotgunning beers, to tango dances, and even blow up rainbow unicorn costumes. It was so fun to engage with all of our guests, get everyone laughing, and share some unforgettable moments!

What was the best part of your day?

Shelby: Our first dance was the single most memorable moment in my life. I remember wanting to stay in the moment forever! During our dance, it finally sunk in that I married my best friend and soul mate. It was our chance to take it all in and appreciate our love. That dance was so special for us, and it is something I look back on constantly!

Paige: Seeing Shelby for the first time in her wedding dress. I was expecting her to look beautiful, as always, but was completely shocked when I saw her. I was mesmerized! I knew I was marrying the most beautiful girl in the world, but I couldn’t help crying knowing that she was all mine for the rest of our lives. I highly recommend taking photos of the first look; I’m so thankful to have those pictures forever!

Advice from the couple:

Live in the moment and cherish each second because it’s over before you know it. Plan as much as you can leading up to the big day but let go on the day-of, so you can fully enjoy your time with each other. Half of the things that we spent months stressing about didn’t even cross our minds on our wedding day. Just embrace the bumps and continue to focus on all of the amazing moments. Get trusted vendors that will have your back and make the last minute decisions that align with your vision so that you don’t have to take on the stress if anything goes wrong. If you are going with a videographer, ask if they can interview your guests. We have the absolute best videos filled with funny and loving advice from our loved ones that we got to watch after the wedding. So blessed to have such a wonderful videographer that did that for us!

Anything you would have done differently?

Looking back, we wish we wouldn’t have let the immense stress of wedding planning take over our thoughts during the last few months leading up to the wedding day. Take more time for yourself and make the planning process romantic and fun! #datenight #caketasting!