How did you meet?

Matched on Matched.

When did you get engaged, and how?

October 17, 2021. He planned a date night at the restaurant of our first date and proposed as we were leaving. He called the restaurant beforehand to ensure the room/area we ate in during our first date was clear so he could propose next to the table.


I wanted the ceremony seating arranged in a circle. I wanted my grandmother present. I wanted it to be a celebration of our life and our families blending. Foolishly, I expected the ceremony to start on time.

How did the planning go?

Planning was stressful! My favorite time was finding dresses for myself, my mother, and bridesmaids. The worst moment was when my invites went out much later than I wanted.

Tamiko’s Best Part

Becoming Fontaine’s wife. Also, seeing him get emotional as I walked down the aisle. I jokingly told him before the wedding if he didn’t cry [when he sees me coming down the aisle], his family wasn’t going to eat.


Our photographer and videographer, Philippe, was the absolute best! I recommended him to anyone in need of a photographer. I can’t wait for the opportunity to be able to work with him again. Also, Chloe and Gabby  with The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks were amazing and calming during moments of anxiety.

How would you describe the ceremony?

I would describe the ceremony as ‘us’. There were serious, tearful moments but there were also…bloopers. My aunt sung one of my favorite Anita Baker songs. My nephew was the ring bearer. He entered in a motorized toy car which he jumped out of half way down the aisle. I photobombed a picture my husband and his groomsmen were taking at the altar. My father was the officiant.

Memorable Moment

My mother gifted us with a ceramic tile mosaic during her toast. It features a bride and groom and two peacocks (peacock feathers were used throughout our wedding).

Special Cultural Feature

We jumped a broom we had decorated together.

Funny Moment

My father started the vow portion of the ceremony before my brother gave my hand to my husband. Also, my husband performed a special dance when removing the garter (he is NOT a dancer!)

Fontaine’s Best Part

Marrying my wife.

Favorite Detail

The incorporation of diamonds, pearls and peacock feathers, especially the peacock feathers on the cake!

What do you think guests will remember most about your wedding?

The ceremony bloopers and the garter belt removal And, our wedding date; we were married on 9/16 in the 916.

Advice from the couple:

Do what YOU want whether it is the location or the guests to be invited. Set a budget before finalizing any vendors.