Tiffany and Jason’s tale is one of young love and adventure. Fate having its way and orchestrating their “meet cute” on a typical night out with friends, Jason asked Tiffany to dance and the rest was a beautiful love story in the making.

With the help of his and Tiffany’s parents, Jason organized an elaborate proposal shortly before the couple was to move to North Carolina for Jason’s NASCAR program. Though Tiffany believed it to be a Christmas/going away party, she was surprised to find Jason proposing to her with their loved ones in attendance. “On Christmas Eve he took me aside; everyone gathered around for what I thought was going to be a little going away speech when he began to propose,” Tiffany says.

The couple’s nuptials were more than two years in the making, and they relied heavily on Tiffany’s parents to help as they planned their wedding from afar in North Carolina. Her parents visited many venues and interviewed numerous vendors, narrowing down the options. When the bride- and groom-to-be moved back to California they were able to move ahead, finalizing plans and getting ready for their big day. Tiffany says, “We had the final say, but I would be lying if I didn’t say that my parents were equally involved in planning our wedding.”

The couple’s theme of classic elegance meets rustic beauty created a relaxed yet sophisticated ambience. Using white and gunmetal gray as their base for décor, they chose very simple crystal centerpieces with natural foliage, flowers and candles, as well as handmade place cards using wine corks they had collected. It was the bride’s parents, however, who designed the most innovative and unique part of the décor. “My parents printed out a handful of our engagement photos on large canvases and replaced the normal wall art with a collage-like design of our engagement photos.” They passed on the traditional cake cutting, choosing to give guests more time to dance and enjoy themselves.

Tiffany says that the wedding was a perfect representation of her and Jason as a couple, and since being married they have grown even closer.

Looking back, she says, “It was beautiful and fun—not stuffy—and done in a way so that all of our family and friends would have a good time, as well as being the most special and romantic day of our lives.”

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