They say your soulmate might be a world apart from you or right next door, and in this day and age, you can find the person who you’re meant to be with a swipe on the screen regardless of location. Trisha, a dreamy artist from a small town, and Marco, a fast-paced professional from the big city, were able to do just that thanks to modern technology.

Just as the timing was perfect for their meeting, so was Marco’s timing when he proposed to Trisha while they were on a beautiful hike along the Washington/Oregon border. Standing atop a giant boulder, as Trisha posed for a gorgeous photo with a breathtaking backdrop, Marco dropped to one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

Trisha worked diligently to plan a wedding that was comfortable, romantic and representative of herself and Marco. Forgoing some of the traditional elements that would have rung hollow for them, they focused on a down-to-earth, easy-going vibe that would make their family and friends feel right at home. Music was a focal point as Trisha planned their special day. “We also felt it was very important, because of our love of music to incorporate great music into everything, especially our dance routine.” One of the more unique elements was a specially choreographed dance routine, performed by the couple, that had their guests all smiles and feeling the romance in the air. Trisha adds, “We made sure that the selections of songs really represented us including the songs we walked down the aisle to, the song we entered the reception to and our first dance.”

A particularly memorable moment for Trisha did not start out as a bright spot in the day but with the help of her day-of coordinator, Samantha from Two Roads Event Co., she was able to turn it into the most heartfelt memory. “Right before I started walking down the aisle,” she explains, “I got so incredibly nervous, my coordinator said, ‘Just focus on your husband.’ So I looked to him as we walked, as cheesy as it sounds, the best moment for me was looking at him as we went down the aisle.”

Trisha says their love has grown deeper, with a new sense of grounding and stability that warms her heart. “I guess it just feels more permanent, like we found each other, and we are good,” she explains.  

—Abigail Blank