Hey there, lovebirds! You know what makes a wedding reception go from “oh, nice cake” to WOAH, that cake is too gorgeous to eat!! Yep, you guessed it – a showstopping wedding cake that takes center stage and screams “happily ever after!”

And lucky for us, we have amazingly talented cake and dessert designers all across the greater Sacramento area, so fear not, frosting fans! We’re thrilled to present ten gorgeous wedding cakes (made locally = BONUS!) that have caught our eye! And we think cakes like these at your wedding will have your guests drooling (and maybe reaching for their phones for some snaps).

From fairytale florals to gravity-defying tiers, we’ve got a slice of inspiration for every style. So, grab a fork (metaphorically, of course!) and let’s dive in! P.S. these are in no particular order or ranking…we just think they’re super cool! Enjoy!

Tropical Wedding Cake

1-by Custom Cakes by Tara


2-by Custom Cakes by Tara

About Tara Bodley, owner of Custom Cakes by Tara:  Tara’s business journey all started with a dessert bar for her in-laws’ 40-year anniversary party—what began as a passion for baking small desserts turned into creating custom, one-of-a-kind cakes; and in 2019, Custom Cakes by Tara officially launched as a cottage bakery.  Head to her website to find out more!


Great Gatsby Wedding Cake

3-by Spilled Milk Company


4-by Spilled Milk Company


5-by Spilled Milk Company

Photo by Bhandal Focus

About Rahil Singh & Christina Narayan, owners of Spilled Milk Company:  Rahil and Christina opened Spilled Milk Company in 2020 with the goal of creating stunning wedding cakes that combine the perfect balance of flavor, form and execution. They are dedicated to excellence and want to make their clients’ wedding days unforgettable. Head to their website to find out more!

Whimsical Sugar Flowers Cake

6-by Baker & A Black Cat

Lovely Layers Wedding Cake

7-by Baker & A Black Cat

About Nikki Ozawa, owner of Baker& A Black Cat:  Nikki’s passion for baking and her unique personal touches have led her cakes and desserts making appearances in many blogs and publications. If she isn’t baking, you’ll find her snuggled up with her not-black-but-orange-cat Gambit or reading a book. Head to her website to find out more!

8-by Sugar Dreams by Odeza

9-by Sugar Dreams by Odeza

10-by Sugar Dreams by Odeza

About Odeza Epstein, owner of Sugar Dreams by Odeza:  Odeza loves creating unique beautiful cakes. She possesses great attention to detail and creativity, and has a flair for knowing what flavors work well. She has a genuine passion in every cake she designs. The look on her client’s joyous and pleased face is the reason she loves what she is doing. Head to her website to find out more!