What are you waiting for?  The deadline to get your entry form along with your photos in to us for our Cover Model Contest it TOMORROW, August 15th at 11:59 p.m. Get a move on brides!  

We have a mail slot at our offices, so you can swing by and slip your entry through — but please note that we will not accept late entries. If it shows up via the mail or personal delivery on Thursday, August 16th, it will be considered late and will not get included with the other entry forms, so make sure you hit the deadline!

Each issue of Real Weddings Magazine features real local-area brides on its cover! Hundreds of real brides enter, and ultimately three are chosen. Those three real brides get to participate in a day-long photo shoot where they get the chance to vogue it up in front of the camera.

All three of our real bride models will appear on one of our Real Weddings Magazine covers (like the upcoming Fall 2012 cover featured above on the right with our cover brides Kristy, Kaboo and Lynn) and then ultimately, one of our real bride models will be chosen as our cover model winner and appear on the cover of Real WeddingsMagazine on her own (like the Summer 2012 cover featured above left with our cover model winner Lynn).
One again…the deadline for entries for our upcoming Winter/Spring 2013 issue is 11:59 p.m. on August 15, 2012, so get moving! WE WILL NOT ACCEPT LATE ENTRIES!  We do have a mail slot at our office that you can slip your entry form through — if it arrives in the mail on Thursday, August 16th, it will be considered late and will not be considered — we’re sticklers about this rule so get your entries in on time!
You can download the entry form here, or if you want us to email you the form, just send us a quick email to info@realweddingsmag.com and we’ll get that out to you!


Oh, and if you’re going to enter…one word of advice, show us your personality on the answers to the questions — we love working with brides who have a lot of spunk, personality, humor and who are just darned cool girls. Be sure that your answers really reflect who you are! Oh, and don’t forget to include photos that really show your personality coming through as well!
Also, be sure to read all of the rules to make sure that you’re eligible to enter and are game to participate! Make sure that the photos that you submit are candids (not professional photos), have been taken in the last six months, and reflect what you look like when you turn in your entry form. NOTE:  NO PROFESSIONAL MODELS ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE CONTEST.
Check back soon to see who our cover model finalists are for our upcoming Winter/Spring 2013 issue!
Blog Post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Social Media Maven, Aimee Carroll.
Cover photos by The Goodness © Real Weddings Magazine. For additional cover model shoot photos and details, please see blog post announcing our new cover model winner.

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