Ok, so your reception is truly a party to celebrate your big day! So you have to make it unique, fun and most of all, it should reflect your personal style.

We recently asked some of our extremely talented DJ friends (who are truly your personal entertainment directors for the event!) some tips on how to make your reception creative and fun. Here’s what they had to say:

Tip #1: Add some spice with a custom introduction!
A customized introduction of your wedding party is a sure way to get the party started. Ask you entertainer to work with you on collecting information about the members of the wedding party so that he or she can present them to your guests. Don’t be afraid to include a funny story, nicknames, or how you met them. Feel free to add in custom music requests for each person that fits what is being said but keep it up-beat. If you’re not sure what to play, ask your entertainer to give you suggestions on what would fit the introduction. How you start your perfect wedding reception is going to tell the guests what they will be in store for later, so make it the best you can.
–Michael Anderson
Wedding Entertainment Director
Creative Memories Entertainment (http://www.creativememoriesdj.com/)

Tip #2: Involve your wedding guests!
Find a way for your DJ and emcee to involve your wedding guests in the celebration. Guests may become bored if only the bride and groom are the focus of all the attention. At Behind the Scene Sounds we celebrate marriage. By doing this married guest can relive their wedding day. Our current way in which we celebrate marriage is our Kissing Game. We ask the bride and groom to pick six fun married couples, and we assign a kiss to each couple. To let everyone know a kiss is about to happen, we play the song “Kiss” by Prince. This idea has been incredibly successful. Some of the kisses we pick are, The First Date Kiss, The Morning Breath Kiss and The Passionate Kiss. Each participant receives a customized Love Song CD. The kissing couples almost always ham it up or make a romantic statement about their love.
— Derwin & Elizabeth Terry
Behind the Scene Sounds (http://www.btssound.com/)

Tip #3: Consider the biggest regrets from couples planning their wedding (top five)
-“I wish I had hired a videographer
-“I wish I would have hired a professional DJ/emcee”
-“Having friends and family ‘work’ the wedding may turn out to be more ‘work’ for you”
-“I wish I would have hired an event planner/designer so I could have enjoyed myself”
-“Spend your time wisely and pick and choose your battles/efforts. Be realistic. Be optimistic but be flexible when things don’t go according to plan. Have a plan b (and c).”
— Matt Brys
Extreme Productions Entertainment (http://www.extremeprodjs.com/)
The Bottom Line: Utilize the pros to help you get the very best reception for your special day.