Typically, at any wedding, the focus is always on the bride and her dress! Everyone wants to see and gush over the highly anticipated dress! I, on the other hand, want to see what’s under the dress! Ok, get your minds out of the gutter; I’m talking about the SHOES people!

For my own wedding, I spent the most time trying to find the perfect bridal shoes. My idea of the ultimate wedding shoes were a little unconventional – I wanted to find the most girly, frilly, shiny, hot-pink, high heels out there. I could only get away with wearing shoes like this on one day, my wedding day!

Low and behold, I found my perfect wedding shoes! Although the shoes were totally “me,” they weren’t exactly very wedding-ish! I needed to do something to make them a little more bridal, if that was at all possible.

I turned to Absolutely Audrey for help and they totally came through for me. Absolutely Audrey has a huge selection of shoe clips that can personalize any shoe or accessory for any occasion. The shoe clips come in every color imaginable and are available in a variety of shapes and materials.

I found the silver, pearl and rhinestone “Melina” shoe clip that matched the brooch on my dress and necklace flawlessly! They were the perfect way to tie my crazy shoes to the rest of my bridal attire.

Absolutely Audrey also suggests getting creative with the shoe clips and adding them to hats, jackets, shirts, scarves, clutches and purses. Just what every girl loves… unlimited options!

Personalize your shoes and check out Absolutely Audrey’s assortment of accessory clips at www.absolutelyaudrey.com

Blog Post by Aimee Carroll, resident Girl Tested, Bride Approved Columnist.

Photos courtesy of Absolutely Audrey and Sarah Maren Photography.

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