Did you know that in all of the photo shoot features that we do, we use real brides and grooms as our models? It’s true! We love that these real couples are going through their wedding planning journey, just like you!
Now you get to learn a little bit more about our brides: Kristin Weigle Roberts, Brittany West and Olivia Briceño! These girls were so lovely our “Marie Antoinette” styled photo shoot from the current Summer/Fall 2015 issue! Aren’t they stunning?
Thank you for being such amazing Real Weddings models, ladies! Take it away:
CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_1 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES1 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES2 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES3 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES4 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES5 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES6
Real Bride Model: Kristin 
What made you want to model for this photo shoot? As a bride-to-be, I greatly appreciated that Real Weddings magazine uses real bride models. It is so much more inspiring to see women who are not professional models looking absolutely glowing and gorgeous in a wedding magazine than women who are overly Photo-Shopped and impossible to relate to. I’m honored to be part of that!
What was your favorite part of modeling? I really enjoyed seeing all the behind the scenes work that went into the shoot. It was pretty incredible to watch everything come together the day of, from the hair, makeup, and jewelry to the set design and the small but eye-catching details like the flowers, place settings, and treats. The separate elements complemented each other perfectly and seamlessly translated the Marie Antoinette vision into reality.
What was your favorite part of this shoot? Did you relate to the concept? It’s hard to pick a favorite part. As someone who studied abroad in Paris for a year and majored in French in college, I was so excited to learn that I would be channeling French royalty for this shoot. However, on a different level, I didn’t relate to the Marie Antoinette concept very much. Marie Antoinette embodies extreme decadence and an over the top way of life, while my usual style is simpler and more understated. This shoot gave me the opportunity to experience something completely different than anything I would ever experience in normal life, and that’s actually one of the aspects of it that I loved most.
What do you do for a living? I’m a licensed attorney, but after I graduated law school and took the bar exam, I decided that traditional law practice wasn’t for me. For the past several years, I’ve worked at a small consulting firm in downtown Sacramento. We specialize in helping government entities improve their processes and develop procedures that are compliant with applicable rules, regulations, and best practices. We also conduct performance audits on behalf of our clients, but we do our best to be friendly and helpful auditors, not the kind that scare people away!
Tell us about your own wedding. My husband, Colin, and I had our dream wedding at Helwig Vineyards & Winery in Amador County. Not only was the setting beautiful, but most of the elements had special meaning for us because we incorporated an underlying genealogy/family motif into much of it. For example, my sister and Colin’s brother served both as our only attendants and as our officiants. I also designed the invitations to feature our family crests. Our tables were designated with ancestral surnames instead of numbers, and we used a lot of royal blue and golden yellow, the primary colors of the Roberts and Weigle family crests, respectively. We added other personal touches too, like having our dog, Delta, as our flower pup and walking down the aisle to a song that Colin wrote himself and recorded on his guitar. In the end, it passed in a blur, but a wonderful, fun, and unforgettable blur.
What did your significant other think about you modeling for this shoot? When I asked Colin to help me answer this question, he simply replied, “I’m glad other people will be able to appreciate the beauty I see every day.” (He’s a good husband.) In fact, he was extremely encouraging and also pleasantly surprised when I mentioned that I was interested in being a real bride model. He thought it was a bit out of character for me but was happy to see me embrace the limelight for a day when I usually shy away from it. He also got a kick out of seeing me after the shoot with very different hair and makeup than my typical look!
CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES8 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES9 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES10 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES11 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES12 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES13 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES14 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES15 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES16
Real Bride Model: Olivia
What made you want to model for this photo shoot? The reason I wanted to model for the shoot was because it was something very different for me and “out of the box.” I also wanted to dress up and was very excited when I found out it was a Marie Antoinette theme.
What was your favorite part of modeling? My favorite part of modeling was working with the amazing team who made me feel very comfortable the whole shoot. I also LOVED having my hair done into a big up-do for the shoot and feeling pampered.
What was your favorite part of this shoot? Did you relate to the concept? My favorite part of the shoot was the décor. I loved seeing how the backgrounds came together for each photo shoot and how much of a difference everything made, such as the real dessert tables in the background (I was amazed that everything was real!). I loved the concept of the Marie Antoinette theme and the elegance it brought to the shoot. I appreciated all the detail that went into planning the theme.
What do you do for a living? I recently stopped working for a mental health agency and I am now a full time graduate student in a PsyD (Doctorate of Psychology) program for Clinical Psychology. I’m also a soon-to-be bride planning our wedding.
Tell us about your own wedding. My fiancé and I will be getting married on June 20th and we are beyond excited to share our special day with many of our family and friends. We will be having a traditional Mexican-American wedding and will be getting married in our Catholic church. The ceremony will be followed by our reception with plenty of food, laughter, joyful tears (especially from me at the alter) and dancing from Mariachi, live band, and DJ.
What did your significant other think about you modeling for this shoot? My fiancé was very excited! The first thing he said was, “Wow, we’re going to be in a magazine?!” I then had to explain to him I was going to be in the photo shoot for the magazine. Needless to say, he was still very happy and excited for me.
CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES17 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES18 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES19 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES20 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES21 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES22 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES23 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES24 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES25 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES26
Real Bride Model: Brittany
What made you want to model for this photo shoot? The reason I wanted to model for the shoot was because I always adored bridal couture, and I love the authenticity and creativity of Real Weddings. I love the way the magazine showcases beauty and had to be a part of it.
What was your favorite part of modeling? My favorite part of the modeling was the clothing. The silks, satin, and organza were absolutely breathtaking. It was amazing feeling like a princess for the day. The artistry of the makeup designs and decor added to the delightful experience and made me feel comfortable in the gowns.
What was your favorite part of this shoot? My favorite part of the shoot was the storyline. It was set in the Marie Antoinette time period, but with a modern day twist. The elegance, the decadence was something one could only imagine, the setting of the wedding party truly evoked the opulence of the time period.
Did you relate to the concept? I could definitely relate to the shoot, as I adore movies that period pieces and have a baroque or Victorian theme.
What do you do for a living? I work for the State of California as an analyst and a freelance makeup artist for Mac Cosmetics.
Tell us about your own wedding. My wedding is going to be Old Hollywood themed. It will consist of a black white and gold color scheme. Think old Hollywood hair and ostrich feathers. It will be Gatsby meets Casablanca, with a hint of Veronica lake.
What did your significant other think about you modeling for this shoot? My significant other thinks it’s awesome. He loves things from the past and thinks the concept will be interesting.
CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES27 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES28 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES29 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES30 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES31 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES32 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES33 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES34 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES35 CHRISTOPHER_KIGHT_Marie_Antoinette-Real-Weddings-Sacramento-Weddings-Inspiration_SINGLES36
The Details
Photographed on Location
Capitol Plaza Ballrooms  |  916-443-4483  |  capitolplazaballrooms.com

Meagan Lucy with Christopher Kight Photographers  |  916-484-1164  |  kightphoto.com

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Cake and Desserts
Studio Sweets  |  707-646-9884   |   studiosweetsca.com

Blanc de Blancs Sparkling Wine and Rosé Wine
Sofia by Francis Ford Coppola Winery  |  francisfordcoppolawinery.com

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Mandie Fenrich on Location Wedding Makeup  |  916-505-0487  |  makeupbymandie.com

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Invitations by Kalyn Ruijters  |  707-953-7201   |   somethingnewinvites.etsy.com

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Starring: Bride—Kristin Weigle Roberts as Marie Antoinette, Bride—Brittany West and Bride-to-Be—Olivia Briceño as ladies-in-waiting.
Produced by Ramona Arnold and Dee Hromyak—Simple Country Weddings and Vintage Décor Rentals, Cheryl Sage—Accents by Sage Floral Design, Samantha Grippe—Studio Sweets, Cait Herrera and Wendy Sipple—Real Weddings Magazine
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