Let me start this out by saying, “I ate the entire box in 1 day!” Yes, it’s true; I inhaled an entire box of Delysia truffles in a period of 8 hours!

How can any girl resist a perfectly wrapped box, with a beautiful bow, filled with artistically decorated little truffles?

Actually, when I first saw the box, my initial thought was that the package looked identical to a jewelry box. With the odds of the contents being either chocolate or jewels, that sweet little box didn’t stand a chance…

Delysia chocolates come in every flavor imaginable and range from the traditional milk and dark to the unique curry and liquor! In fact, if Delysia doesn’t have a specific flavor you’re looking for, they will try to create it for you! Now, that’s service!

Personally, I’m always a fan of white chocolate, but every flavor was equally as delicious. I’m excited to try the truffles from their “Childhood Collection,” which includes flavors of pb&j, s’mores and ice cream!

Each box purchased can be personalized for any occasion with coordinating bows, chocolate designs, truffle flavors and personal messages.

Plus, all of Delysia’s truffles are handmade Parisian-style, preservative free and are filled with the freshest of tasty ingredients. These charming treats are the perfect little gift to sweeten up any day!

Experience these delectable truffles for yourself at www.delysia.com

Blog Post by Aimee Carroll, resident Girl Tested, Bride Approved Columnist.

Photos courtesy of Delysia Chocolatier.

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