Every bride-to-be finds herself in the pursuit of flawless, glowing, youthful skin. That’s because she knows that the first step to achieving that jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, groom-melting bridal look starts with great skin! I recently came across a new innovative product that helps us girls get our skin “wedding aisle” ready in no time!

WrinkleMD from University Medical is a high-tech device that replenishes hyaluronic acid in the skin, via an eye patch. Wearing the eye patch once a week for 40 minutes leaves your skin brighter, smoother and younger looking… all from the comfort of your own home!
According to University Medical, “WrinkleMD can act as a preventative measure against wrinkles for brides-to-be in their 20s, lessen the appearance of lines for those in their 30s and work to decrease wrinkles in brides-to-be in their 40s.”

Using the system is really easy! All you need to do is stick the eye patches around your eyes and leave them on for 40 minutes twice a week to start and then once a week after the second week of the system.
While using the system, I could feel my skin begin to tingle and warm as the eye patches activated and worked their magic. The patches are very comfortable to wear and I was even able to resume my normal activities while they were hard at work fighting my winkles for me. After the 40 minutes is up, the patches automatically turn off.

WrinkleMD provides an Ion-Infusion Moisturizer and an Ion-Infusion Eye Serum C to apply after using the eye patches as well as in the morning and evening. The moisturizer and eye serum felt great on my skin, especially when I applied them right after I used the eye patches. They gave my skin a nice cooling sensation and left the area around my eyes feeling extremely hydrated.
I suggest not to make any plans directly after using WrinkleMD. The system does leave your skin red where the patches were applied. For me, it was about the same redness I would get from a wax and disappeared after 30 minutes to an hour. I do believe the redness could be concealed pretty well with makeup if you did have to go out right away.
After my first application, I instantly noticed a brightening of my skin. After a couple applications, I noticed a plumping around my eyes. Overall, I’ve noticed smoother, brighter, fresher skin.
At the risk of looking a little silly with those sticky eye patches on, WrinkleMD is a great alternative to needles and injections.
Using the WrinkleMD Eye System in preparation for your wedding might just be the answer you were looking for in your quest for flawless skin.
The WrinkleMD Eye System is available for purchase at universitymedical.com for $129 for a Deluxe 30-Day Kit.

Blog Post by Aimee Carroll, resident Girl Tested, Bride Approved Columnist.

Photos courtesy of University Medical.

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