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This week we highlight Angelica Whaley from The Willow Ballroom & Event Center. If you’ve been wanting to learn more about The Willow Ballroom & Event Center, now’s your chance! Take it away, Angelica…

The Willow Ballroom & Event Center

Tell us a little about your company? Founded in 2015 by the Whaley Family, the Willow Ballroom at the River Road Exchange is located on the gorgeous, Sacramento Delta. The Willow Ballroom is about 15 miles south of downtown Sacramento in the town of Hood, CA. Our story began over the last hundred years when the River Road Exchange was home to a bustling fruit shipping and processing facility.
Now repurposed into an event center, The Willow Ballroom is open and booking weddings, private events and much more!

At approximately 11,000 square feet, the capacity is around 550 people, which makes it one of the largest venues in the Sacramento area. The exterior is urban with beautiful brick walls, and the interior has a vaulted, wood ceiling with exposed brick walls and cement pillars. The expansive interior exudes old world charm, inspiration and character.

When did you establish your business? 2015

What sets you apart from your competition? The raw natural beauty of our space is a blank canvas for a client to come in and create whatever look they desire. There are no venues in the area that have as many eclectic chandeliers and cement pillars.

Are you on social media? Yes! You can follow us on Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE, Instagram HERE, Pinterest HERE and Vimeo HERE!

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What professional organizations are you a member of? AFWPi

Can you share a funny/embarrassing/touching story about one of your clients? On our first ever wedding, the caterer was completely hammered and kissed me on both cheeks when leaving for the night. Yikes!

What’s your favorite local restaurant? LOVE Hot Italian and Magpie, both conveniently located near one another.

What’s your favorite local charity? Sacramento Food Bank, SPCA & Wounded Warriors Project

Do you have any hidden talents? I am actually a classically trained soprano. I have been hired by a handful of my clients to sing for their events.

If you weren’t in the business that you are in now, what other business/profession would you have liked to have done? I would probably be living and singing in NYC or in Europe. Never know, I still might!

What advice would you can give to couples getting married today? On your wedding day, don’t think about what you should have done or could have done. Embrace the love that is all around you. Be present.

For more information about Willow Ballroom & Event Center, log on to thewillowballroom.com. And, make sure to follow Willow Ballroom & Event Center on Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE, Instagram HERE, Pinterest HERE and Vimeo HERE!

Visit The Willow Ballroom and Event Center on Vimeo here!

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Photos courtesy of Willow Ballroom & Event Center.

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