The Couple: Jennifer Beck & Steven Gary, Jr.

Wedding Date: May 17, 2009

Photography by: True Love Photo

What was the most amazing part of your day?
The photography definitely.

We spent about two hours before the ceremony whisking around the city of Davis and on the UC Davis campus taking all kinds of spontaneous, alternative photos.
Beth [Baugher] of True Love Photo is a WAY FUN person and so creative. We love her eye for very unique, colorful, and FUN shots. Any jitters we had completely dissolved as we spent so much time laughing and goofing around. The most unique and memorable photo moment was when a cycling team rode by and we took photos in the middle of the street with them. Colorful, crazy, and absolutely unforgettable. Everything was perfect.
The other thing that we remember most were the COLORS. The flowers were stunning in orange and purple, and my bouquet was a DREAM. The cupcake display was beautiful as we chose a variety of yummy fancy cupcakes.

What else would you like to share about your big day?
Our ceremony was performed by one of my best friends, Lisa Croll DiDio, a minister and priestess, who also happens to be a novelist and helped us sharpen our self-written ceremony. We included a traditional Scottish hand-fasting, having our wrists bound by ivy. The ceremony had an earth-centered spiritual flavor and included a poem by Hafiz.

I’m an artist so I made our wedding favors, ceramic magnets which I carved with images and words expressing our day.
Venue – Home & Garden of Sanford & Myrna Beck (bride’s parents) in Davis

Photographer – True Love Photo

Cake – Cupcakes by Cupcake Craving

Flowers – Strelitzia Florist

Wedding Dress – Britt Steele Fashion Gallery

Bridesmaid Dresses – (none) our flower girl and ringbearer chose their own clothing

DJ – We didn’t have a DJ but I spent HOURS compiling a wedding playlist of our favorite music, trying to keep it a bit different but still neutral. My entrance song was “Honeysuckle” by folksinger Joules Graves.

Honeymoon location – Nevada City

Hair – Sheri & Teri of HAIR

Makeup – Image Provocateur

Awesome lace-up bride’s moccasins – Medieval Moccasins (highly recommend these as an alternative to traditional shoes plus they’re just so darn fun)

First Dance Song – no dancing 🙂 just socializing and keeping it informal.

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Photos courtesy of True Love Photo.
About True Love Photo (in her own words)
I am the best! kidding!

My name is Beth Baugher, a Sacramento native, been in the business for 17 years. I started at the bottom, the absolute bottom, the ‘taco bell’ of photography doing 100 photos a day in stores like Rite Aid and Long’s.

I had a beach background and a camera so old it practically let out a puff of smoke when I hit the trigger.

I would literally be in the shopping cart area or in the medicine aisle knocking over the fast actintanactin.

One crying two year old after the next. Tough gig!!

It has been all up hill from there.

I worked at a one hour photo/studio lab, glamour shots, kiddy sports photography, many many years in high school photography, for a big local studio, and now finally for myself. I LOVE IT!!

I feel SO blessed to be able to make a living doing something I absolutely LOVE.

Oh the stories I could tell…I have literally shot 350-400 weddings! So I feel I can call myself a ‘seasoned pro.’ Able to really work quickly and direct well when needed.

I am good with natural light and posing and portraits, but my FAVORITE part of being a wedding photographer is capturing emotions. I love to tell a story.

I think of your grandchildren and perhaps great great grandchildren having a glimpse into your love story, their family history through viewing your wedding photos.

Check out True Love Photo on the web and don’t miss Beth’s Blog!

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