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We recently asked pastry chef, baker and dessert-maker extraordinaire Carissa Jones of Sugar and Spice and… to be a guest blogger on our site and to share some of her knowledge and ideas with our brides. She graciously agreed and here’s her first entry…yum!

According to Paula Frank, editor of Baking Management, there is a growing trend toward “mini indulgences” and traditional flavors with an “innovative twist”.

This is a great trend to consider as you plan your wedding desserts. Work with your baker to develop a menu that will work for you and your guests. Below are a few points to discuss and consider as you develop the perfect ending for your special day.

  • Consider a small “cutting cake.” It’s a beautiful nod to tradition and will not only be a sweet focal point to a dessert bar, but it will also allow your photographer the chance to capture that sweet tradition of cutting the cake together as a couple.
  • Small bites can offer a little something for everyone.
  • I usually recommend 3-4 small bites per person, but depending on the dessert selections you may be able to scale this down to 2-3. (A chocolate mousse shot glass is going to be more satisfying than a single cookie or tartlet.)
  • This is a great opportunity to have dessert options for anyone in your wedding party who may have allergies to specific foods.
  • Think about your family’s traditions. Does Grandma make an amazing pecan pie, does Mom make yellow cake with chocolate frosting for everyone’s birthday, does your sweetie LOVE peanut butter? All of these are possible sources of inspiration for your wedding desserts. Nostalgia is never underrated!
  • Incorporate your wedding colors! Depending on your wedding colors, nature offers a great variety of fruits that can be used to add pops of your wedding colors to your desserts. In the absence of a specific color, talk to your baker about using colored chocolate decorations to achieve the impact of color with an edible garnish.

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About Sugar and Spice and…
Sugar and Spice and… creates desserts as unique and special as you and your event. They believe you CAN have you cake and eat it too, but you can also have mousse, pies and tarts, crème brûlée, or éclairs! Special events are just that, SPECIAL and nothing says PARTY like those sweet little bites at the end of the party.

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