Our area is rich in talented wedding pros, and we’re the lucky ones to be able to partner with with them! Today, we introduce you to Emma from Emma Paul Photography—not only are her images absolutely stunning, but she’s a pretty kickass human being too!

When did you establish your business?

I established my business in 2018. I started photography in High School with a film class, and it was actually my minor at UNR though, so I’ve been photographing for much longer than when I started my business! October of 2018 I literally called my husband after doing my first shoot in a while and said, “THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE!!” I just knew it. And haven’t stopped since!

What sets you apart from your competition?

I pick shit out of my bride’s teeth. Haha! Literally though, two weeks ago my bride had something stuck in her tooth during sunset photos, she couldn’t get it out, so I did it for her. I’ve also held a bride’s dress up for her while she went pee! I have zero boundaries with how far I’ll go to serve my couple.

kickass Emma Wedding Photographs

What trend do you see coming for weddings this year and beyond?

Not gonna lie, I am not a trendy bitch haha. So I kinda have no clue! I guess and hope maybe just a push towards less trends? Like the trend is that you do whatever you want and make your days as bad as and unique as you can! I do love that the all white/neutral wedding theme isn’t as poppin’ lately too though! Love to see color and funky things make their way back into wedding trends.

Can you share a funny story about one of your clients?

I was shooting a proposal and me + the couple and their little girl got locked out of the car. You guessed it, the ring was in the car!! It was freezing, we were in the middle of nowhere, and the girl had no clue that her boyfriend was about to propose to her. She thought we were just going out for a normal family shoot! We all kinda freaked out for a few minutes, when the craziest thing happened. A friend of mine happened to drive by!! Out in the middle of nowhere!!! They were out adventuring in the mountains and the timing was impeccable. They are also those extremely resourceful type people, so they had the tools to help us break into the car. The sunset was long-gone by this point, but I gave him a quick quesitoning look and he responded with a look letting me know he still wanted to propose! So we drove down the road a bit, and he proposed! She was shocked!! Such a unique memorable day.

Golden Hour Engagement Photos

Golden Hour Engagement Photos

What’s your favorite compliment that one of your clients has given you? 

After an engagement shoot one of my couples told me they were excited for the photos and knew they’d be gorgeous, but that they had such an amazing time that it wouldn’t even matter if they didn’t get any photos from the experience. That the experience in itself was so worth it, and the photos were a cherry on top. That was a really cool compliment!

What is your favorite fun thing to do locally? 

I live in Reno! So a Tahoe day is my fav!! Paddleboarding, bring some chilled rose, snacks, and the dogs. Doesn’t get better than a day like that.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?

Kauboi Izakaya in Reno. If you haven’t tried it – RUN! Seriously. It’s some of the best food I’ve ever had. Japanese fusion tapas. Ugh, I want it right now.

Do you have any hidden talents?

My hidden talents are honestly still hidden. Hopefully they come out one day! But also, I play the flute!

Beautiful Romantic Lake Tahoe Wedding Photographs


If you were to do a wedding re-do, what would you do?

We would go to Jarbudge, NV! My husband Peter’s family has a cabin there and it’s truly one of the most gorgeous places on earth. We would have an adventure ceremony on a mountain top, take epic photos, then setup a cute party with lights and games and drinks at the cabin. Super chill elopement vibes but with a party and our favorite people still.

What advice would you can give to soon-to-be-married couples? 

Let the little things go! With wedding planning, with each other, with everything. Life is too short to dwell and let anything get in the way of this time of your lives. You only get this pre-married time once, and you may not even realize how special and unique it is until it’s over.

Check back in the coming weeks to learn more about Emma!

But in the meantime, for more information about Emma Paul Photography, visit her website, emmawynnpaul.com and follow her on social @emmawynnpaul

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