Let’s celebrate Halloween with a generous dose of eye candy courtesy of one of our favorite blogs, Flourish.

Shannon Cosgrove-Rivas, owner and lead floral designer of Flourish, has been designing  flowers for over 23 years and her creations have been prominently featured on television and in magazines.
Needless to say, her blog is a colorful feast for the eyes, with beautiful blooms bursting on every page. It’s always a pleasure to see smiling brides holding a bouquet they can be proud of. And you can bet Shannon gets it right every time.
Check out Shannon’s dazzling designs at flourishdesigns.com/category/blog-new. And, make sure to like Flourish on Facebook, facebook.com/FlourishSacramento.

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Always a Bridesmaid Columnist, Darren Elms.

Photo courtesy of and copyright Flourish.