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This week, we have feature the talented Carol Cardinale-Ruiz of Bellissimo On Location Bridal Hair and Make Up. Take it away Carol!

Bellissimo On location Bridal Hair and Make Up

Tell us a little about your company?  Bellissimo is a group of award-winning hair and make up artists. Together we have won over 125 national and international awards. We specialize in creating looks that are unique and specific for our brides’ needs. We work throughout California.

When did you establish your business?  We established our business in 1999.

What sets you apart from your competition?  Bellissimo strives to create and keep up with the current trends through advanced education, product and trend release shows as well as continual international training. We are always looking for new talent and striving to be the best. Our work is soft not harsh. We listen to our bride and try to connect with her specific style. We do not have a problem listening. That is the key to a successful consultation.

Where do you find inspiration?  Industry shows, trend releases as well as many connections withfriends in the Fashion Industry. Also, I love the looks of Claire Pettibone, a former hair client.

When you opened shop, what was your promise to your customers?  To always meet their needs through a successful consultation!

Do you have any hidden talents?  We love to create AVANTE GUARDE LOOKS!!

What trend do you see coming in 2010?  Very classic Silver Screen with a softer bend. Also Asian-inspired looks.

Photo courtesy of Camie Lynn Photography.

Photo courtesy of Michael Kitada.

Photo courtesy of Preciado Photography.

Do you regularly blog?  If so, what’s your blog site?   Yes, check out:  onlocationbrides.blogspot.com

What’s your favorite local restaurant?  Zocalo

What’s your favorite local charity?  Hand4Hope, hands4hopeyouth.org

What is your favorite fun thing to do locally?  Go to see the Sacramento Ballet.

Do you have secret vice or indulgence?  What is it?  Creating wild and crazy looks and having photographer friends shoot them. I call these sanity shoots!

What are you most grateful for in life?  My children and the ability to work in a field I love. My passion is creating a beautiful total look! All women are beautiful. It is my job to bring out the best! And create a look that is uniquely them. I love my job!

If you were to plan your own wedding, or re-do your wedding, what elements would be most important to you?  I feel the bride’s look is the most important thing — all eyes are on her! Hair and make up is the service the bride spends the least on, she should NEVER bargain hunt! She will look at her pictures for the rest of her life. Does she want to see a less than perfect look? I think not. Carefully choose your stylist — make sure they are calm. Is their work soft? Do you have examples to choose from? This is very important. All else will fall into place if you look good!

What advice would you can give to brides and grooms getting married today?  Enjoy your planning! Do not let it be for anyone but you! It is your day. Your family and friends love you, whatever you do, if you are happy with the results everyone else will be as well.

 Find out more about Carol at Bellissimo’s Web site!

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