Welcome back to another installment of Real Weddings Magazine’s Partner Profiles!
This week we highlight super sweet Heidi from Heidi Huber Photography!  Heidi has such an amazing creative eye — we love her unique photography style and her appreciation for life’s subtle precious moments.  Take it away Heidi!

Heidi Huber Photography

Tell us a little about your company?  I studied as a newspaper photographer for eight years, thriving on the documentary moments between people. My wedding photography reflects that, as I feel portraits are important as well, nothing compares to having those moments you had no idea I was capturing.
When did you establish your business?  Part-time in 2005 evolving into full-time in 2008.
What sets you apart from your competition?  I focus on the moments, the details, the expressions, the visual representation of the relationships in wedding photography. From the slightest expression on the groom as his bride recites her vows, to the tight grasp of dad’s hand as he prepares to give his daughter to the man she loves, to the hidden face of groom’s mother as she dances with her son during the mother/son dance to groom spinning his new wedding band around his finger growing accustomed to the beginning of his new life. I live for these moments and many, many more.
Where do you find inspiration?  I love to people watch, from going out to dinner at night to sitting on a bench and watching people walk by, wondering what their lives are like, what they love and what drives them…how each person is totally different but the same in the needs and desires.
Do you regularly blog?   If so, what’s your blog site?  heidihuberphotography.com/blog

What’s your favorite local restaurant?  Full Belly Deli in Truckee
What is your favorite fun thing to do locally?  Peak Bag. 50 or so odd Tahoe mountain tops, currently have about 40 or so left to hike.
What are you most grateful for in life?  Tahoe. Easily. I love being here, I feel alive here. I feel happy here. I can’t imagine being anywhere else (well…maybe Bariloche, I could live in Argentina too). I am so thankful I found a place where I can just be and love every moment of it.
If you were to plan your own wedding, or re-do your wedding, what elements would be most important to you?  Photography and Details. I would want a photographer that would “get” me and surprise me with amazing moments of their storytelling of my life through their eyes. Also planning a wedding that’s completely reflective of me and my spouse, totally real and alive and us.
Find out more about Heidi and Heidi Huber Photography by visiting her Web site, blog and Facebook page.
Photos courtesy of Heidi Huber Photography.  

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