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This week we highlight multi-talented beauty and coaching expert, Jennifer Gilchrist The Blissful Bride Coach. Let me tell you, this is one amazing woman! If you’ve been wanting to learn more about Jennifer Gilchrist and The Blissful Bride Coach, now’s your chance! Take it away, Jennifer…

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Jennifer Gilchrist The Blissful Bride Coach

Tell us a little about your company? My passion is to empower brides to ditch the wedding stress and instead feel calm, radiant and beautiful throughout their entire wedding experience. I have been in the wedding business creating hair and makeup designs for brides for over 15 years, serving nearly 1,000 brides. During that time, I also had a life coaching and transformational healing practice. I realized that brides from my beauty business needed my expertise and tools of my coaching business. So I designed a coaching program specifically to support you throughout your wedding planning process.

What sets you apart from your competition? I’ve never seen anyone offer this type of package for brides. Being in the bridal hair and makeup business for over 15 years, I learned I had a talent for creating the vision that brides have for themselves on their special day, really helping them to authentically express their beauty outwardly.

What inspired me to create my life coaching and transformational healing practice, Divine Spark Within, was helping people to connect deeply with themselves and their truth so they could be fully self expressed in joy, peace and love. I have a very holistic approach in helping brides manage the stress, as well as, the unexpected triggers and dramas that happen throughout the engagement and on wedding day. I address the emotional needs as well as teach practical tools and support to ensure the bride feels calm, radiant and beautiful until she walks down the aisle.

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Where do you find inspiration? In the quiet time with myself and God is where I can most get connected with my desires and passions which is very inspirational for me. Also, in nature, especially near water. Sharing conversation with positive, forward thinking people. Reading books, inspirational music.

Do you regularly blog? Yes, you can follow my blog HERE. I have been having fun exploring video blogging. I have a YouTube channel HERE where I give regular tips on how to be a Blissful Bride. I share them on my blog and social media as well. I also write blogs, mostly with tips to manage stress that overwhelm while planning your wedding.

Are you on social media? Yes, you can follow me on Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE, Pinterest HERE, YouTube HERE, LinkedIn HERE and Google+ HERE.

What professional organizations are you a member of? AFWPI


What’s your favorite comment/compliment that one of your clients has given you? My coaching clients tell me they love my calming presence and they feel very “seen” by me and how validating and good that feels to them. My bridal hair clients are always ecstatic about the outcome of their hair and makeup. “It’s even better then I expected, thank you, its perfect and I love it!” My client’s husband was skeptical about her getting make up done and when she got home he called he Janet 2.0 and took her out for dinner. She text me immediately and told me story and how beautiful she felt. That made my day.

What’s your favorite local restaurant? 33rd Street Bistro for breakfast.

What’s your favorite local charity? WEAVE

What is your favorite fun thing to do locally? I love hanging out with friends and good conversation.

Do you have secret vice or indulgence? What is it? I love chocolate (especially Capital Confections Truffles).

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Do you have any hidden talents? My favorite thing to do is swim with the wild dolphins in Kona, Hawaii. I’ve swam with them over 40 times. There are usually at least 100 or so, but the pod sizes I have swam with have ranged between 25 and approx 400. They are so amazing, and so much fun. I am nicknamed the Dolphin Whisperer from a retreat group I go to Hawaii with each year. They often come to play in the bay where we stay and stay for hours. They let you right in, eye to eye, to play with them. They are beyond intelligent and intuitive. I could go on for hours about the dolphin encounters I have had. They have taught me so many valuable lessons.

If you weren’t in the business that you are in now, what other business/profession would you have liked to have done? At some point I would love to run retreats for women in Hawaii and other fabulous destination locations. I see where my coaching business will continue to expand and grow as I do and evolve into different areas. I love empowering people and helping them to connect and trust their intuitive gifts, it makes my heart sing.

If you were to plan your own wedding, or re-do your wedding, what element(s) would be most important to you? To have fun and savor the day and be surrounded by those I love.

What advice would you can give to brides and grooms getting married today? Often times I see brides sweating the small things all the throughout the engagement process as well as on the day of from what I know is a manifestation of some fear or stress that hasn’t been dealt with. And it is really sad to witness that. So, I would tell couples as a reminder that when you find yourself completely obsessing, angry or panicking over the little details, see if you can catch yourself. Take a step back and breathe.

And I invite you to connect back with your “why”. Why are you getting married…. Get back to that place of love in your heart and remember what is truly important. You are getting married to the person you deeply love. And that is going to be your reality at the end of the day and that is a beautiful gift. All weddings have something go on and often things are triggered that aren’t expected throughout this process. And I love supporting my brides with these things…..but at the of the day remember to stay connected to your WHY! And that will immediately shift your perspective to your current circumstances.

For more information about Jennifer Gilchrist The Blissful Bride Coach, log on to Jennifer-Gilchrist.com.

Also, make sure to follow Jennifer Gilchrist The Blissful Bride Coach on Facebook HERE, Twitter HERE, Pinterest HERE, YouTube HERE, LinkedIn HERE and Google+ HERE.

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Photos courtesy of Jennifer Gilchrist The Blissful Bride Coach.

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