The Couple:  Maureen and Bryan Fulkerson
Wedding Date:  August 13, 2011
Photography by Fisher Photography
Tell us a little about you and your beloved:  Bryan and I are both very active and enjoy running, rock climbing, mountain biking, camping, tennis and hiking. We gave up TV when we moved into our new home shortly after our wedding and haven’t turned back. We use the time we would be spending watching “junk reality shows” and Iron Chef America, to explore self-growth on a quest to ensure lifelong happiness. We’re big on relaxing and enjoying life!
What was the most amazing part of your day?  For me (Maureen), I loved the procession. Since we didn’t have wedding parties, our procession was just our families and it was so heartwarming and meaningful to me to have each member of my immediate family be a part of the day.
Bryan liked that we didn’t give into society’s pressures of tradition or the “cookie cutter wedding.” We did things just the way wanted to, which included him wearing a polo shirt under a seer sucker suit (which he looked amazing in). Our day was truly a representation of us.
What else would you like to share about your big day?  Bryan made part of the centerpieces for the tables! Since he didn’t have a real opportunity to meet many of my hometown friends and family (we live on the East Coast and them on the West Coast), he thought it would be a great idea to introduce him and us through stories and photos. He put together pictures and brief stories on card stock and then I decorated them with ribbon and some scrap-booking supplies. They turned out great and made for good conversation starters for our guests. The stories brought old friends and family up to speed on how Bryan and I met and shared a lot about our life together.
In addition, the same person, Donna Jones, who married us also married my mom and my step-father in 2001.

Ceremony Site & Reception Venue:  Private Residence
Photographer:  Fisher Photography
Wedding Planner:  Maureen worked with her mom, sister, Mary-Beth Fulkerson (who is married to Bryan’s brother) and Jan Fulkerson (Bryan’s mom) to plan the details. Bryan thinks he managed the whole operation. Shhh, we won’t tell him! : )
Caterer:  DIY. We made all of the food with lots of help from family and my mom’s amazing garden. The menu was made up of our favorite foods to include baked brie, bruschetta, Caesar salad, pasta salad, turkey, beef and veggie burgers. We even did a bride and groom burger — the Beefy Bride Burger and the Gobble-Gobble Groom’s Burger, each complete with their own special toppings! It definitely showed our sense of humor and creative sides. Bryan wrote out the menu on a large chalk board which was located at the front of the serving line.
Cake/Desserts:  Pleasant Valley Grill. Again, in a step towards the nontraditional, we ordered four different round specialty cakes from the Pleasant Valley Grill made by one of the owners, Christine Meyers. We used the coconut cake (a family favorite) for our cake cutting because it was the only cake the color white. My aunt made candied lemons to decorate the cake. Having four completely different cakes gave our guests lots of choices, although I heard from several people that they tried all four!
Flowers:  DIY. We ordered all of our flowers through Sam’s Club.
Favors:  DIY. Small jars of honey with a piece of cloth that matched the center-pieces and secured by a yellow ribbon. Bryan’s mom sewed the fabric pieces that went under each jar of hydrangeas for the centerpieces and cut out the swatches to be used for the honey jars.
Wedding Dress:  J.Crew
Bridesmaid Dresses:  BCBG
Hair & Makeup:  Laura Schumaker at Blondie’s Salon.
Invitations:  DIY. Bryan and Maureen used an invitation kit and a template to create and print their own invitations. Maureen wrapped each with ribbon before sending them off.
DJ/Entertainment/Band:  Mountain Event Productions
Honeymoon location:  Bryan and I returned to Virginia immediately following the wedding so I could start a new job as a school counselor so the honeymoon was postponed. This summer we have a three-week road trip planned up and down the east coast which we are both really excited about.
First Dance Song:  “You Are the Best Thing” by Ray Montagne
Any advice you’d give to our readers who are planning their weddings right now?  Try not to get caught up in creating a glamorous wedding that breaks the bank just to impress others. Do things the way you want, use your imagination, and, of course, hire a great photographer who understands your style and make sure you give them plenty of opportunity to shine — smile and keep smiling!!
Also, consider a long family-style table! We made a last minute switch (my mom’s idea) to swap out eight round tables for long rectangular tables which we shaped into a “T”. The top of the “T” was the head table. This turned out great and made for an intimate feel!
Anything that you would have done differently if you were given the chance?  I wish I could have slowed down time! The day goes by so fast, try to relax and soak it all up!

Photos courtesy of Fisher Photography.

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