The Couple: Ashley & Danny

Wedding Date: November 4, 2012

Photography by White Daisy Photography

Tell us a little about you and your beloved: We met in August 2008 through mutual friends. We went on a few dates and quickly realized what we had was something special and amazing. We dated for two and a half years before he proposed. I had no idea at that moment he had even talked to my dad, purchased a ring, and had planned to do it when he got home from work. He shows up after work and sits down next to me at home. He just talked to me and then began to go into how much he loved me and pulled a box out of his pocket. It was simple, sweet, and perfect. We planned a fall wedding for a year and a half out from that day. Sweet perfection.

What was the most amazing part of your day? Just one? Oh my gosh…let’s see. I think just having all of our family and friends together in one place was simply amazing. We all had a blast!

What else would you like to share about your big day? Our venue was truly fantastic. It started at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday and didn’t end until Monday at 11:00 a.m. It really is a one of a kind venue. They began serving hors d’oeurves and drinks at 1:00 p.m. as the guests were arriving, they continued with them after the ceremony, then went into dinner, dessert, late night snacks, and then served us breakfast the next day before everyone headed home.

The entire top floor is a hotel with very unique rooms, the middle floor of the lodge is where the reception took place, and the bottom level is a huge game room with pool, air hockey, poker table, a rock band stage, a man cave, a large room for the bride and bridesmaids to get ready in, and so much more! The staff is phenomenal. They treat you like family and they genuinely care about what you want. They cater to your every need and they do everything possible to make this the greatest day of your life. If I could, I would do it all over again!

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Ceremony and Reception Site, and Caterer: Forest House Lodge. It truly is a breathtaking view and is very peacefully quiet. It is a cobblestone aisle in the woods that overlooks the Sierra Nevada mountains. It is stunning sight to see.

Ceremony Musicians: Swerve Entertainment

Officiant: Ed Smith, Bride’s Godfather

Photographer: White Daisy Photography

Videographer: Scott Jones

Cake/Desserts: Forest House Lodge. We did a single tier cake with a dessert bar filled with cookies, mini pies, and a chocolate dipping station

Flowers: Linda Manzar

Favors: Candy Buffet. Bags were handmade by the bride.

Bridal Attire: La Soie Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Attire: Nordstrom

Hair: Kayla Simons from Hairitage

Make-up: Jessika Ferrari MAC Makeup Artist

Invitations: Handmade by Rebecca Callahan

Signage: Forest House Lodge

DJ/Entertainment/Band and Lighting: Swerve Entertainment

Décor Rentals: Bride made a lot of them and the Forest House Lodge provided anything else.

Linen Rentals: Forest House Lodge provided a majority of them; we purchased extra overlays from Celebrations.

Honeymoon Location: We were gifted a 10 day trip that we have yet to choose the destination. Immediately following the wedding we took off to Disneyland!

First Dance Song: “Steal My Heart Away” by Van Morrison

Any advice you’d give to our readers who are planning their weddings right now? Have fun with it. Don’t sweat the small stuff, I promise it won’t matter on the day. If something doesn’t go as planned, just keep moving along, chances are no one but you and your husband will notice. This is your day, make sure it is everything you have ever wanted it to be.

Make sure you do as much as you can as soon as you can, it is so crazy how quickly our year and a half of planning time went. Spend money on a photographer. I feel that is one of the most important parts of the day and where a decent amount of your budget should go. After your wedding day that is all you have left to remember it, make sure you hire someone you can get along well with, and whose style you truly enjoy.

Our venue was all inclusive which meant we didn’t have to contact any outside vendors aside from our photographer and DJ. Our venue did everything for us and they even had a collection of décor we were free to use as we pleased if we didn’t want to bring in our own. I highly recommend all inclusive venues.

Also, create a wedding binder to keep all your information and ideas together. VERY helpful!

Anything that you would have done differently if you were given the chance? I would have stressed less during the planning process and tried to enjoy myself a little more.

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Social Media Maven, Aimee Carroll.

Photos courtesy of and copyright White Daisy Photography.

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