One of the hottest trends anywhere you look is flawless and full brows! We love that such a natural look is so on trend. If only we knew it would be such a trend before we all got ahold of tweezers and waxing. Enter: Microblading from Makeup by Mandie.

This form of permanent makeup has women everywhere lining up to reverse all those years of hair removal. So how does it work? A certified technician applies pigment to the upper region of the skin with manual, natural strokes using a hand tool with needles attached (similar to a tattoo). The manual application allows the technician to apply natural, hairlike strokes in the skin. The pigment does fade over time, but can last up to two years before a touch up is required.

Our friend, Mandie Fenrich of Makeup by Mandie specializes in this service and says brides, especially, have been going crazy for it!

For more information about Makeup by Mandie, log on to, or call 916-505-0487, or visit 2401 Parkwood Drive in Sacramento.

Photos courtesy of Makeup by Mandie.

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia. 

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