What’s the only thing better than an amazing wedding photographer? Two amazing photographers! That’s Dee and Kris of Dee and Kris Photography.

This husband and wife team is equal partners in their marriage, as parents and in business. However, they both bring different talents and perspective to their photography style. Dee loves dramatic images that offer a unique perspective, whereas Kris tends to capture emotion and classic images. The beauty is how they are able to blend their styles together when creating wedding albums for their clients.

Their talents go beyond the camera too. They are organized, efficient and offer the most up-to-date viewing options and album options available.


Looking for a brilliant wedding photographer, or perhaps two? Be sure to check out what Dee and Kris have to offer.

Visit Dee and Kris Photography online at Deeandkrisphotography.com or call 916-494-2734. And, make sure to “like” Dee and Kris Photography on Facebook at Facebook.com/DeeandKrisPhotography.

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia.

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