Lauren Bergenholtz of Vizcaya in Sacramento has amazing advice for couples during their hunt for the perfect venue.

First and foremost, Bergenholtz recommends making a venue priority list. Some key things to think about are: budget, location and amenities. What if you find a venue that checks all those important boxes, but still doesn’t feel exactly right?

Bergenholtz says, “Don’t cross a venue off of your list because you feel it is ‘cookie cutter’ or not the right look or feel.” If it meets all your immediate priorities, look for ways to acclimate the space to your taste. Here are some ways to easily transform a space that otherwise meets all of your needs.

Make the space feel unique to you by ditching the standard floor plan provided by your venue. Challenge the venue to come up with a different floor plan utilizing long and round tables. Don’t feel trapped into what other couples do.

Is there an area of the venue throwing off your theme or décor? Rent pipe and drape to cover it!

Is the wall color boring? Talk to your DJ about providing uplighting.

Not a fan of the carpet color? You can rent unique throw rugs and furniture to cover it up and enhance your overall look.

Sometimes making a great the perfect venue is as simple as a little creativity.


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Photos courtesy of Weddings by Wendy Warrick. To see more of the “Red Velvet” photo shoot at Vizcaya, click here!

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s writer, Kelley Saia.

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