Welcome back to another installment of the “For Your Review” blog series based on our popular column in Real Weddings Magazine by columnist Sharon Penny.

With each issue of Real Weddings Magazine, Sharon scours the globe to find helpful, interesting, fun and often off-beat (which we love!) items and online resources that help you plan (or at least help you blow off some steam while planning) your big day.

We hope you enjoy this week’s “For Your Review” blog post! Tune in next week for “10 Classic Hollywood Romances You Might Not Have Seen Or That You Need To Re-watch Immediately!”

Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick

Love her. Right? Full confession: This memoir has nothing to do with weddings, but amidst all of your fittings, and rehearsals and meetings and viewings, you need something to keep your sanity and make you laugh, and our baby girl Anna has got your back.

Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between) by Lauren Graham

Lauren Graham should be some kind of official imaginary best friend. She’s great! And if Anna Kendrick doesn’t float your boat as a sanity lighthouse for your wedding voyage, then Lauren Graham surely will, as she talks about everything from butt-auditioning (a real thing) to being a guest judge on Project Runway. 

Lady Bird and Lyndon: The Hidden Story of a Marriage That Made a President by Betty Boyd Caroli

New to paperback, the story of Lady Bird Johnson and LBJ is one of the great treasures of political history. Despite their complicated relationship, Lady Bird held the emotional keys to Lyndon’s success, lifting him from the depths of depression and providing crucial support during his darkest moments.

Jessica Simpson I Do: Achieving Your Dream Wedding by Jessica Simpson

Talk about a literal shelf life—published in 2003 and obsolete in 2005 when they divorced. But hey, if you’re a Jessica fan or a collector (or a Nick Lachey fan?) there’s some lovely wedding photos.

Brides Unveiled: Designer. Dresses. Drama. by Yvette Klobuchar

A fun fictionalized story set in the world of wedding gown design that puts you behind the scenes and in the front lines of crazytown USA.

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Columnist Sharon Penny.

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