Last week we hosted a party at The Party Concierge to celebrate the brand new Winter/Spring 2014 issue of Real Weddings Magazine. It was an opportunity for us to thank everyone who makes Real Weddings Magazine a success issue after issue. Plus, any excuse to host a party…. we’re in!

We appreciate our partners and associates beyond words. Without their continued support and creative contributions, we couldn’t do what we do. It’s a joy to work with so many amazingly talented wedding professionals in our region!

A special thank you to everyone who helped us with the celebration: The Party ConciergeCelebrations! Party Rentals & Tents, A&A Music Events, Bocca Catering, Ludy’s Catering, Sugar & Spice Specialty Desserts, Sweet Cakes by Rebecca, Cake Couture, Perfecto Lounge Don Felix Cigars and Nancy Mallory.

Our guests are celebrities in the wedding industry and they were welcomed to the party by paparazzi of course!

RW_PartyDF1213-2920 RW_PartyDF1213-2922 RW_PartyDF1213-2939 RW_PartyDF1213-2940 RW_PartyDF1213-2942 RW_PartyDF1213-2951 RW_PartyDF1213-2960 RW_PartyDF1213-2967 RW_PartyDF1213-2970 RW_PartyDF1213-2974 RW_PartyDF1213-2993 RW_PartyDF1213-3010 RW_PartyDF1213-3017 RW_PartyDF1213-3020 RW_PartyDF1213-3026 RW_PartyDF1213-3037 RW_PartyDF1213-3042 RW_PartyDF1213-3044 RW_PartyDF1213-3059 RW_PartyDF1213-3074

And, here’s a sneak peek into the evening’s festivities:

RW_Party1213-7221 RW_Party1213-7223 RW_Party1213-7224 RW_Party1213-7226 RW_Party1213-7231 RW_Party1213-7238 RW_Party1213-7242 RW_Party1213-7243 RW_Party1213-7244 RW_Party1213-7247 RW_Party1213-7249 RW_Party1213-7252 RW_Party1213-7269 RW_Party1213-7283 RW_Party1213-7366 RW_Party1213-7375 RW_Party1213-7378 RW_Party1213-7458 RW_Party1213-7463 RW_Party1213-7471 RW_Party1213-7472 RW_Party1213-7482 RW_Party1213-7489 RW_Party1213-7498 RW_Party1213-7537 RW_Party1213-7548 RW_Party1213-7616 RW_Party1213-7639 RW_Party1213-7641 RW_Party1213-7651 RW_Party1213-7689 RW_Party1213-7797 RW_Party1213-7830 RW_Party1213-7838 RW_Party1213-7866

To see more photos from the party. Visit Real Weddings Magazine’s Facebook page here

Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Social Media Maven, Aimee Carroll.

Photos courtesy of and copyright Style Media Group.

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