Recently the FTC has changed/updated its regulations regarding advertiser sponsored content, particularly advertiser sponsored content on blogs.

These new regulations give us the opportunity to reiterate our editorial policy as it applies to our magazines, our Web sites and our blogs. Let me just simply state this:

From day one when we launched our company, we have always held ourselves to the highest possible editorial standards. While we love our advertisers and couldn’t do what we do without the support of our advertisers, we’ve always made it clear that just because someone advertises with us, it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be featured in our editorial; and just because we feature a business in our editorial, it doesn’t mean we’re going to force that business to buy an ad. It’s the way it is in our magazines and the way it is on our Web sites and blogs. There is no quid pro quo. It’s that simple.

Our editorial team writes on products, services and stories that we think our readers will find interesting, entertaining and helpful. Sometimes we utilize resources for this editorial — sometimes they happen to be advertisers and sometimes they are not. But I can ensure you that if we use an advertiser in our editorial, it’s because we feel that they’re the right resource to use. We do not let anyone “buy” our editorial in our magazines, our Web sites and blogs.

If you have any questions at all about this policy, you are welcome to email me directly: wendy(at)

Blog Post by Publisher/Editor Wendy Sipple.