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As any bride-to-be knows, planning a wedding is a TON of work. And it can sometimes feel really stressful to make sure all the details—from the dress and the cake to the venue and the music—are all perfect. These things are the visuals of a wedding, and while they are important when it comes to having your dream wedding experience, there is something that is even more important than that: Setting the tone for your wedding day bliss!

When I first start working with brides, I will always ask about what is causing them the most stress, and the answers are usually all the same: Brides tell me about all the details and decisions that stress them as they plan. Choosing place settings.  Choosing a first dance song. Putting together the reception seating chart. Picking the bridesmaid dresses. I hear over and over how the endless choices can be super overwhelming to brides as they plan their wedding. And I totally get it. There are a ton of details to figure out.

But, in addition to figuring out what stresses them most, I like to dig a little deeper and ask brides how they want to experience their wedding day and what is most important to them. The answer I most often get is “I just want to enjoy the day—be able to let go of all the details and stress, and really just be present to celebrate and remember our special day.”

It’s interesting how when people get stressed out and overwhelmed, they often lose sight of what they really want and what’s most important to them. The stress begins to manifest as brides begin focusing on (or sometimes obsess) over all the little details and not staying focused on the bigger picture.

I know you have a vision for what your wedding day should look like and you want things to be beautiful, but at what cost to your happiness?

Something I see that brides often overlook is prioritizing self-care for themselves in preparation for their wedding, and remembering to stay really present to enjoy and remember their actual wedding day. That’s why it is so important to set the tone for your wedding day in advance!

You see, not only is it super important to be really clear on the visual aspects of your wedding, but it’s also important to get clear on how you want to FEEL on your wedding day. When you’re clear on this, you’ll not only have more clarity in your decision making, but you’ll also ensure that you are planning the wedding of your dreams and not someone else’s!

So, how exactly do you get clear on how you want to feel on your wedding day?  Well, you’re in luck because I have a really quick and fun exercise to try to get this process started for you:

Start to imagine how you want to feel on your wedding day.

What are the first feelings that arise for you? What does your environment feel like? How do you feel when you envision seeing your partner?

Really sink in to feeling and embodying your “Why:” Why you are getting married? What do you love about your partner? What do you look forward to sharing with your partner?

You may want to meditate on this more than once over the course of your engagement so that you can always stay present to how you want to feel. This way, you can enjoy your wedding day and start your marriage off on the right foot, emotionally!

And that’s it! It really is as simple as focusing on how you want to feel. Because when you look back on your wedding day, that will likely be what you remember most: The feeling of being a bride and the emotions you had when you said, “I do!”

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—Jennifer Gilchrist The Blissful Bride Coach
As a bridal stylist and Blissful Bride Coach, Jennifer helps brides enjoy the wedding planning process in a stress-free way that is authentic to who they are, and also supports her clients in looking amazing through her work as a hair and make-up artist in the Sacramento area. After more than 15 years in the bridal industry, Jennifer created her Blissful Bride program for brides who want to set the tone for a soulful marriage, and supports them in working through all of the unexpected emotions and fears that arise as they take this next big step into their married lives.