Today’s Featured Real Wedding is all about Sophie and Uli’s gorgeous and colorful outdoor wedding. This wedding is chalk-full of colorful pops be it in the florals, the dresses and the decor. Make sure you click the link below so you can read about the couple’s planning process, and to see more great photos from Alicia Parks Photography!

Colorful and beautiful wedding flowers and jewelry at Sophie and Uli's featured real wedding. Bridesmaids and bride posing in their colorful dresses for Sophie and Uli's outdoor featured real wedding. Table top flowers at Sophie and Uli's beautiful featured real wedding. Delicious food at Sophie and Uli's colorful featured real wedding. Newlyweds posing in a vineyard at their beautiful and colorful outdoor featured real wedding.

Click here to read their love story, see more photos from Alicia Parks Photography and view their entire wedding dream team.

Photos courtesy of and copyright Alicia Parks Photography.