Okay girls — have you ever wanted really fabulous long, thick and full lashes that don’t immediately wash off (or come off when you get a little teary eyed)? You know, results that you just cannot get out of a mascara tube?

Well, I’ve found some pretty fantastic lash extensions, and I was lucky enough to try them firsthand — talk about about a gorgeous doe-eyed look!

The extensions are applied over and are perfectly blended with your regular lashes, so the look is incredibly natural. The extensions will not harm your natural lashes. They’re quite comfortable, and I have to admit that they’re pretty darned cool to wear! Your eyes immediately become the focus and enhance your natural beauty that much more. (Is it vain of me to admit that when I had them, I constantly wanted to catch glances of my lashes whenever I had an opportunity to peek at them — driving in the car, walking past a mirror. Yeah, it’s true.)

You have to check them out for yourself just to see how fantastic they truly are.

They last about two months with a retouch needed about every three weeks, and the initial price is $150.00 for a full set and retouch is $75.00.

They’re available at TTE Skin Care in Folsom.

TTE Skin Care
8016 Folsom-Auburn Rd.
Folsom, CA 95630