The finalists have been chosen, and now it’s time to vote! One of these lucky couples will win their dream wedding worth more than $30,000 in the Sunset Whitney Country Club’s Classic Wedding of a Lifetime Contest!

This week, we’re highlighting the five finalist couples so that you can get to know them better, and then cast your vote for your favorite! You can vote once per day, and remember that voting ends on February 1, 2011.

Couple #2…Laura Lee & Trevor Jobson

Why should you win the Sunset Whitney Country Club’s Classic Wedding of a Lifetime Contest?

We should win the Wedding of a Lifetime Contest because we are two young individuals who are trying to organize a wedding on a very small, nearly impossible, budget.  We have always dreamt about a beautiful, elegant wedding, but due to this economy money is very tight.  Therefore, not having to worry about money would be a huge burden lifted off of our shoulders.   We’re best friends and at the end of the day, it’s nice to know you’re with your “best friend!!”

When and how did you meet?

It all started with a phone call. I received a phone call from a dear family friend who was trying to get me to help out at her Lyon Real Estate Christmas party that she was hosting at her home. After I told her a couple of times that it was the last day of finals and that I had other prior engagements to celebrate with my friends, she let me in on her secret and told me she had someone I had to meet and that I needed to attend her party. She continued to call me for two weeks straight convincing me that I really needed to at least stop by. After much consideration and an open mind, I decided to stop by and let her introduce me to Trevor. However, I wanted to make it perfectly clear that I wasn’t committing to anything and if we didn’t click, then that would be the end of it. So with a “plan” mapped out, I was to stop by to pick up a “house key” so people wouldn’t be suspicious as I was not a Lyon Real Estate Agent. I even had a backup plan to escape with girlfriends if things went terribly wrong or if it was awkward. Trevor had no idea it was a “set up” by both my family friend and his own mother, another real estate agent. After spending a couple of hours at the Christmas party we really didn’t talk much to each other. Trevor was really shy, which to this day still shocks me as he is not a quiet guy. . . AT ALL. When I decided it was time to leave, he ended up walking me to my car and asked if he could call me for a date. To be honest, I was a little surprised as he was quiet and didn’t say much to me the whole time we were there. We exchanged numbers and three days later he called. Little did I know that the “set up” would be a success and that three years later we’re still happily together and now engaged to be married.

How did you know that you were meant to be a couple?

We both knew we were meant to be together and a couple because we mesh surprisingly well together. We talk everything out and compromise, which we believe is the key to relationships. Although life gets crazy and hectic, we always try to spend “quality” time together, which is hard to do sometimes. We have a date night at least once a week, which we never miss! For me, I knew he was the one because he was always so patient, kind, and would even do the things I loved to do, which is crafty stuff. We would spend hours watching movies while doing art projects such as painting. Although we’re complete opposites, the phrase “opposites attract” really must be true. We especially knew we belonged together and are perfect for one another because we are both adventurous, love the outdoors, love to travel, like to be spontaneous at times, and feel it is important to be silly and have a sense of humor. We respect each other and are each other’s best friend. At the end of the day, it’s nice to know that you’re with your “best friend!!”

What is your favorite characteristic about your spouse-to-be?

Although there are many characteristics in which we both love about our significant other and spouse-to-be, I would have to say I love Trevor’s sense of humor. Trevor has a way to put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter what the situation is. He makes me laugh on a daily basis, which is one of the things I love most about him. One thing I love most about Laura is how caring she is toward others. She has a heart that is genuine, pure, and full of love. We need more Laura’s in this world.

Tell us about your proposal. When did it happen, how did it happen?

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, Trevor proposed. That Friday, she received a confirmation email confirming a hotel reservation in San Francisco. Trevor thought it would be a good idea to get away for the weekend. As Saturday approached, we were both excited to get away. Now looking back, Trevor was very antsy that entire day. When we arrived in San Francisco, he was very persistent in wanting to get to the beach. Although he was having a very difficult time finding this particular beach, he apparently had a mission and was determined to see it through. I, on the other hand didn’t think it was a huge deal so I kept suggesting we attempt to find this “beach” tomorrow. After some time, we finally found our way to the beach. We walked along the shore and watched the waves. After a good hour we decided to start packing up, but like all places we travel, we recap the evening with some pictures. We put the camera on timer and snapped some pictures. This was nothing out of the ordinary. Then Trevor told me there was something he had to ask me. He reached in his camera bag and pulled out a Jared’s box. As he opened it, he asked if I would marry him. I said “YES”. We continued to celebrate by going out to dinner. The next day, we planned on walking across the Golden Gate Bridge since neither one of us has walked across it. It was a perfect weekend! A perfect weekend up until we witnessed something traumatic. As we were heading back across the bridge, we noticed a bike on the ground and a police lady trying to talk to a younger man from jumping off the ledge of the bridge. Half way across, we happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, as the man looked back, making eye contact with us, and jumped off the bridge. Immediately, a sad and sick feeling came upon us. All we wanted to do was get off the bridge. A beautiful day and a beautiful celebration was interrupted and deeply disturbed by a complete stranger. We were shocked how a stranger could have such an affect on a person. As soon as we got off the bridge we decided to drive home. Still in shock, we both came to the conclusion that life is too short. We were reminded that every day is precious and to not take one another for granted. Although our engagement weekend ended differently than what we would have hoped or could have possible imagined, it made us appreciate the love we have for each other. Witnessing something like this makes you grateful for every minute of every day and to cherish one another for you never know what could happen. As this stranger made a decision to end his life, Trevor and I were making our decision to join lives…to get married…and to love one another unconditionally.

Why should we pick you to win the Sunset Whitney Country Club’s Classic Wedding of a Lifetime Contest?

We believe we should win the Sunset Whitney Country Club’s Classic Wedding of a Lifetime contest because it would be a dream come true for us. I can’t even begin to tell you what it would feel like to win a wedding contest like this! We would be forever grateful. We are two young individuals who are trying to organize a wedding on a very small, nearly impossible budget. We have always dreamt about a beautiful, elegant wedding, but due to this economy, money is very tight. With trying to pay off student loans and other monthly bills, there is not enough money to put aside. We are finding out that it costs a great deal of money to have a beautiful wedding. We’re two honest people who could use a break and a hand-out. We both are very humble people who try to make a difference in the lives of others. Laura’s a junior kindergarten teacher and Trevor is trying to start his own business. Needless to say, money is tight and not having to worry about money would be a huge burden lifted off of our shoulders. Also, although we are a young couple, there have been challenges and obstacles we’ve had to conquer along the way. Trevor is a cancer survivor and we’re both very grateful that he has been cancer free for seven years now. We are very thankful for the little things in life. We would appreciate the chance to be considered for this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

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