The Couple:  Christina and Curt Padilla

Wedding Date:  July 11, 2010

Photography by Capture Photography

Tell us a little about you and your beloved:  Curt and I met 5 years ago while working for the same company in Granite Bay. He worked in a different division of the company than I did, but one day I was assigned to do a prospecting project for him — I would go to his office and let him know the weekly progress. I got to know him better through our meetings at work, and one of the things that I picked up on was I knew he loved golfing and was very athletic. I ended up asking him out on a golfing date. He said yes, and we dated for four years.

Curt proposed to me on New Year’s Eve 2009. We originally were going to have an October 2010 wedding, but we found out in April that we were going to have a baby! I had already purchased my wedding dress and wanted to still fit in it, so we decided to move up the wedding to July 2010 (as long as our vendors could change the dates which they were able to). I ended up being able to have bouquets of peonies (my favorite flower) because they are readily available in July, and I would not have been able to have them in October! That was an added bonus!

What was the most amazing part of your day?  The whole day was amazing! From watching the vendors transform the country club as the day went on; to getting ready with all my bridesmaids, my mom, and grandma; to having dear friends help us with our hair and makeup. From walking down the aisle with my dad who tried to calm me as I was crying; to standing hand in hand looking deep into the eyes of my future husband and having the most intimate experience that words can not describe during the ceremony. And finally, from sharing our love and union with all our family and friends; to the toasts that were given at the reception by our family and friends.

What else would you like to share about your big day?  We had lit a candle to remember Curt’s mother Carol who had passed away a few years ago and for my brother Jaeson who had also passed away when I was about 6 years old. It was a very special moment for Curt and I along with our families. We kept the candle burning throughout the whole ceremony and reception.

Ceremony Site:  Sierra View Country Club

Reception Venue:  Sierra View Country Club 

Photographer:  Capture Photography 

Caterer:  Sierra View Country Club

Cake:  Dora Briscoe-Smith who is a neighbor of ours who bakes on the side to being a full-time mom of three!

Flowers:  Fleurs Du Jour  

Favors:  This was a DIY job. I had a candy station that had various sized vases filled with Jelly Bellys in shades of of our wedding colors (pinks and creams) and sheer organza bags in our other wedding color (silver) to put the Jelly Bellys in.

Wedding Dress:  Alfred Angelo

Bridesmaid Dresses:  Alfred Angelo

Hair: My friend Amy Dupont who is the owner of Deja Du Salon in Rosevilledid my hair and my Maid of Honor’s hair. Stacey Field of Deja Du Salon did hair for some of the bridesmaids.

Makeup:  Taryn Passifione who is friend of the mine and professional makeup artist.

Invitations:  The Wedding Channel 

DJ/Entertainment/Band:  J.R. and his wife Teresa Lopez

Honeymoon location:  Bainbridge Island, WA

Any other of your wedding vendor(s) you’d like to call out?  Our jeweler, Eli, of Diamond Heights in San Francisco who did the brides engagement and wedding band and the grooms wedding band. Also, Tuxedo Den for the Groom’s and Groomsmen tuxes.

First Dance Song: “Feels Like Home” by Chantal Kreviazuk

Any advice you’d give to our readers who are planning their weddings right now?  Have fun planning your wedding!! It will be amazing no matter what because everybody is there to celebrate you and your future spouse making a public profession of your love and union to each other! Try not to stress, especially over the small details! Soak up the day, every detail of it! I was told by one of my bridesmaids ahead of time that there will be things on the wedding day that do not go as planned and that nobody will know except for me! I took that to heart because there were things definitely things that did not go as planned but I did not stress about it because she was right…nobody else noticed except for me!

Anything that you would have done differently if you were given the chance?  Nothing too major. We had way to much candy so I wouldn’t have ordered as much (but better to have too much than too little)!

My cathedral veil got tangled up in the arch from the wind blowing it! It ended up being a very funny moment during the ceremony. My friend Amy, who did my hair, ran up from the audience to untangle me from the arch and take off my veil which got many giggles and laughs. It was memorable, but looking back I would have POSSIBLY done without the veil. However that is not my final answer because I did love my veil — it had so much character and it did create its own memory in our wedding!

Photos courtesy of Capture Photography 

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