Ok, Real Weddings Brides….Monday’s the deadline, so if you’re going to enter the cover model contest, it’s time to get moving — no more procrastinating or you’ll miss the deadline!

If you’re a real Sacramento-area bride, or a newlywed, and want to vie to be one of our cover model finalists (we pick three each issue!), then here’s what you have to do to enter:

Step one:  Download the entry form by clicking on this link.

Step two:  Please read through the rules, guidelines and dates that are listed on the entry form to make sure that you qualify and that you’re available for all of the dates listed on the form should you be chosen as a finalist.

Step three:   If you qualify, then complete the entry form, gather your pictures (make sure that they’re candid amateur shots, please) and get us all of the stuff by our August 5, 2013 deadline! And, just a little advice: when you’re answering the questions on the form, make sure that your answers really show your personality — we love fun, quirky and interesting stories, so don’t be shy! And, make sure that your photos aren’t fuzzy and show your personality too!

Hurry — the deadline is August 5 (yep, that’s this coming Monday!) will be here before you know it, and we strictly adhere to this deadline, so it’s better to get your entry in sooner than later!

We have a mail slot at our offices, so you can always drop it by at off hours. And, a word of advice:  Don’t rely on the mail — if your entry arrives here via mail on Tuesday, you have missed the deadline and won’t be considered, so don’t let that happen to you…it would be better for you to hand-deliver it to our offices before midnight on Monday!

If you have any questions at all about the cover model contest, feel free to email us at info@realweddingsmag.com.

Who knows…maybe you’ll see yourself on the next cover of Real Weddings Magazine!

Good luck Real Weddings Brides!

Real Weddings Magazine-Summer 2013

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Editor/Publisher Wendy Sipple.

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