In choosing gifts for a soon-to-be-wed couple, the desire is almost always to get something that speaks to them. Granted, most couples have a registry making gift-giving virtually hassle-free, but gifting something meaningful truly shows the thought you put in as well as the love you have for the couple.

In the case of the bride, many gifts can show the love and happiness you have for her while she starts this new chapter in her life, especially if that gift incorporates multiple people. If you’re looking for a gift that more then one person can join in on, and that will be sure to make the bride cry happy tears, pick up Letters to the Bride by Lea Redmond.

Inside it’s delightful packaging is twelve letters ready for you and a few more loved ones to fill with words of support, life lessons and well wishes. Ten of the letters give you a head start on what you should say, including “On the day of your wedding, be sure to…” and “Always make time for you, for things like…” in case your writer’s block kicks in. As for the last two letters, they are left completely blank awaiting your imaginative and loving thoughts. The back of the book holds stickers so that each letter can be sealed once the note is written. On the outside of each letter are specifications as to when it was sealed, when it is to be opened and whom the letter is from.

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I recently filled out the book, with a friend, for another friend who recently got engaged. We shared thoughts and memories about her, which helped us write each heartfelt letter. We can’t wait to gift it to her soon, as we know she will treasure it. Letters to the Bride is an innovative time capsule that will leave a lasting memory for any bride.

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Blog post by Real Weddings Magazine’s Associate Editor, Emily Peter.